Our safety starts at home and is the most important matter that we can’t afford to overlook. In fact, we use different security features in our house to ensure everything goes on in the house or within our property is recorded 24/7.

And there have been a lot of security devices that have been invented to provide us more security and give us peace of mind whenever we are away from home.

You name it, from cctv cameras and door alarms but what can they do to protect your house other than make a noise or record what’s happening?

Regardless of what security device you have in your house if they can’t prevent unauthorized people to come into your house, they are nothing but accessories.

Smart door locks for example, give us an opportunity to navigate our doors even if we are not physically inside of our house because you can navigate it remotely over the internet, provided you and the device are connected online.

While not all door locks are able to be navigated online, there are still some smart locks you can effectively use to extend your home security a high level such as:

  • Keyless
  • Keypad
  • Electronic

There are a few more but you’ll learn more of them here at Doorlockit.com.

There are also different door security features you can use at home for better security of your family which I have researched online and gathered information about that you can use as reference whenever you need to.

Some of door accessories I have written about are:

  • Door stopper to keep your doors open and to prevent your wall from getting hit by your door.
  • Door closer to keep your doors closed automatically whenever you leave your door.
  • Door hinges that you’ll need to mount s door onto your door frame.

And others will come in the near future.

While this blog aims to provide you security information for your house through your doors, I decided to provide you a detailed process of installing a door lock of all kids!

I know there are a lot of topics I haven’t covered yet but I will always update the blog whenever possible.