August Smart Door Lock Review

August smart door lock is one of a few popular for smart home devices that allows you to connect your mobile phone to navigate your front door and give access to your house while you are away. It’s definitely your ideal home lock device that puts your mind at ease whenever you leave the house.

While August smart door lock may seem more expensive than your typical door lock, there are still a lot of homeowners purchased their own smart lock as added security feature to their house.

August smart door lock doesn’t require you to remove your existing deadbolt lock before you get to use it because you can still use your existing lock while integrating a smart lock feature.

August Smart Door Lock Price on August Website

August Smart Door LockAugust
Smart lock pro + Connect$279
Smart lock pro$229
Smart lock + Connect $219
Smart lock$149

Good Qualities

  • Works with Homekit, Siri, Apple, Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Gives you a log of who uses your august smart lock
  • Gives you multiple access
  • Auto lock when you leave the house and unlocks as you approach the door
  • Two factor authentication
  • Two layer authentication
  • Lost phone feature

Bad Qualities

  • It doesn’t consistently connect to your devices.
  • It takes some time to connect to your mobile device
  • Auto lock doesn’t always do its job
  • Drains your battery more often than other typical devices
  • Customer service isn’t always easy to reach whether phone call or email
  • Turns off your phone’s Bluetooth

What’s inside the box

When you buy August smart door lock, you should expect the following set to arrive when you open the box:

  • August smart lock with 4 AA batteries
  • Adhesive strip
  • 3 different adapter
  • Universal mounting plate


August smart lock is a brilliant home door security because you don’t need to keep your keys anymore and you can remotely navigate it. However, there are instances that it fails to connect to your device and could eventually become your issue.

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