Best Door Locks for Home Security

It is natural to install all kinds of security at home to protect your family and belongings from burglars. It is also natural to feel uneasy if you know you might become another victim if you don’t act fast and secure your home.

I can’t blame you if you feel afraid or uncomfortable because it’s your family and your safety are at stake in this situations. But if you know a way to secure your house from all break-in threat, you would feel comfortable and protected, right?

While there are so many security devices to ensure your house is safe, let’s focus on what most burglars do to break-in. Evidently, they initially use your door to get into your house, thanks to their unlimited tricks but it will be tougher now for them because of the following improved door lock security:

Smart Door Locks

This door lock can make your life a lot easier. You can operate it from your mobile phone and you can provide temporary access to your guests even when you are not physically at home.

Sounds crazy but that’s technology for you.

The good thing about smart door locks is it is user friendly so even non tech savvy individuals can still navigate this on their own. But it’s a little expensive than your ordinary door lock.

Fingerprint door locks

While this is mainly used in offices, you still can’t deny ignore the fact that there are still people who use it in their house, in condominium perhaps? People who live in luxurious life has sophisticated devices they use in their daily lives.

Now, fingerprint door locks are pretty much secure, easy to install and configure. Once you have it installed and configured, you won’t have to worry about burglars breaking into your house.

Keyless door locks

While smart and fingerprint are keyless, there still a door lock called keyless. Keyless door locks require you to key in your access code to unlock the door. It is battery powered so you don’t need to bother yourself with electrical stuff.

This is also easy to configure and easy to install just like the other door locks. But conveniently, smart or fingerprint door locks are better than keyless because I find it inconvenient to key in your access code every time you get into your house

Deadbolt locks

If you are not a fan of technology but still interested to secure your house the old fashion way, deadbolt locks are perfect for you. While it is not impressive as the other technology inspired door locks, I guarantee you that this kind door lock has high resistance from break in attempt.

Latch door locks

If you still have faith in latch door locks and you want to keep using it old school, there’s nothing to worry about. Latch door locks have been proven effective and useful as primary home door security. However, you can’t deny the fact that this kind of lock isn’t highly resistant to burglars.

That’s it.

Remember, door locks are not only the ultimate protection you need. You should also install other security protection such as cctv, alarms, that can give you a strong indication of breakin attempt to your house.