Best Features of Sliding Door Locks

Sliding door locks are incredibly amazing in terms of design and quality. This type of door lock don’t have a handle like the standard door locks we know of which is much safer for kids because no one else can get hurt if you slam your door out of anger against the wall.

Another best feature of this door lock is it prevents your children from opening the door easily in the inside. They need a little force to pull the door sideward and children aren’t capable of doing that as far as their height and strength are concern. So if you have children in your house that keep going out of through your doors, this might be the time you install a sliding door lock to your doors.

In terms of protecting your house from burglars out there, sliding door locks may not be the ultimate door lock for you to use but it surely has the capabilities to prevent easy access into your house for several reasons:

Best feature of sliding door locks:

  • It has double lock feature
  • It has heavy duty deadbolt

It has double lock feature

Sliding door locks aren’t made to be opened easily. If they were, none of us would buy it in the hardware, right? Its double lock feature made sure that illegal access to your house will not be like a walk in the park. Since a sliding door needs to slide before it can be opened, burglars can’t just force their way in by pushing or pulling hard.

Also, its double feature can’t be detached easily because you need to lift it off its track before you can break in the house which is obviously impossible if you’re doing it while the door is locked.

It has heavy duty deadbolt

Sliding door lock uses heavy duty deadbolt which is more secure than standard door lock. If burglars were to use a pin and hack your sliding door lock to get in, I doubt that will be enough to pull off their trick. Heavy duty deadbolt are designed to be opened by mainly using the appropriate key so it’s very resistant when it comes to force entry.

Another good thing about heavy duty deadbolt is that, you don’t break it easily by pushing your way in. Deadbolts are about 2 ⅛ inch which is longer than latch with 63mm to76mm.

That’s it. Sliding door locks not seem to be popular compare to other door lock products but it sure has some good features that help us secure our loved ones and protect us from unauthorized access. So if you ever need to buy your own sliding door lock, always remember these two in mind.