Best Smart Door Lock Every Homeowners Must Have

Smart Door Lock Price Chart

August Smart Lock$68.99$269.99$279.99$279.99
Nest Smart Lock$289.98$249.99$270$264.93
Kwikset Smart Lock$142.85$164.72NA$148.99
Schlage Smart Lock$158.96$229NA$165

Smart door locks are the new friends of homeowners and enemy of burglars. It changes the life we used to know with standard door locks because you can almost do everything with smart door locks as far as security is concerned.

Smart door locks come with camera and  alarm that both provide security protection to your house and more importantly, to your family. However, smart door lock prices are quite expensive compare to standard door lock but I assure you that it’s worth the price.

There are a lot of smart door locks out there and due to that fact, it could give the smart lock buyers a little trouble to choosing the best smart door lock for their home. But lucky for you, I made your life easier!

I have provided a complete information about smart lock that you can reference from when you are planning give smart locks a try. Most information you will get to know are prices, features, downside and upside.

Can smart locks be hacked

Yes, definitely. Just like other devices out there, as long as you smart lock is connected to a router, there’s a high probability that your smart lock can be hacked.

Are fingerprint locks safe

Fingerprint supported smart locks are safe. But there can be some tricks to break into your house claiming to be use such as using a scotch tape with your fingerprint on it, just like what you see in the movies

How does smart door lock work

Smart door locks are usually battery powered with wifi ready, alarms and security camera. You need to connect your smart lock to your router in order to make it work. It also comes with backup key just in case your internet goes down.

How much does a smart door lock cost

The average price of a standard smart lock is $100. This type of smart lock does not have all features of a good quality smart lock but you can get a better version for $200 and above which sends email, record videos and even triggers alarm.

Can you install a smart lock on your own?

It depends. Attaching your smart lock onto your door might not be difficult but configuring it to be online with your access code, alarm or security camera enabled, you need a tech savvy assistant to do it for you.

Best Smart Door Locks in 2019

Now, we get to compare different  smart door locks out there and which one stands out among the rest.

The most important thing in choosing your smart lock is to not risk the safety of your loved ones over a low-cost smart lock.

Here are some of the best smart locks that you can choose from for your home.

1. August Smart Lock

Amazon(68.99 USD)
Newegg(269.99 USD)
DELL(279.99 USD)
Walmart(279.99 USD)


This 3.4” by 2” aluminum finished door lock can be easily installed (even if it’s your first time to install a door lock) and can be operated by just downloading the August app and creating an account for the lock. Another factor that makes this smart lock stand out among the rest is its ability to adapt to the strength of the existing deadbolt which can prevent intruders to tamper or forced their entry in your home.

Aside from using the app in opening and locking the door, you can also manually operate it by turning it clockwise to lock the door and counter clockwise to unlock it. August also provides accessories such as keypad that you can use as an alternative in opening your door.

You can also use this as your guests’ way of entering your home. It also has Wi-Fi bridge that can allow you to control your smart lock wherever you are. Aside from the smart lock, the August also offers a Doorbell Cam Pro that allows the user to see who is at the door – a modernized version of a peephole.

Good side

  1. It is a well-designed and easy to operate smart lock.
  2. It has various smart support and ideal for Home Kit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Nest, Xfinity, Wink, Logitech Harmony users.
  3. It is easy to install and can fit in to the old deadbolt.
  4. You can use your former key for this smart lock.
  5. It has the ability to integrate Siri through the Apple’s HomeKit software as well as Works with Nest platform.
  6. It has 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year limited warranty, and as per user satisfaction that smart lock can last for years. s

Bad side

  1. It is a quite enormous for smart lock.
  2. It is expensive.
  3. For some deadbolt, it may not match.
  4. If using HomeKit, it can be quire hard to get it running.
  5. Siri integration will be useless if the users are Non-Apple consumers.
  6. The batteries have only three-month life span.
  7. It has noisy internal operation when lock is being activated.

2. Nest Smart Lock


The price may range from to (279.00 USD) to (280.00 USD) with a two-year limited warranty.


The Nest Smart Lock has the ability to provide guest access, tamper the alarm, comes with a touchpad and geofencing or location services, thus the door will automatically lock and unlock when it detects that the owner is at the given radius. Similar with August, the Nest smart lock provides ease of operation through their app.

Good side

  1. It is easy to install and has an elegant design.
  2. It can be operated via keypad or through a mobile app.
  3. Considered responsive and reliable.
  4. Works best with Google Assistant and can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Bad side

  1. For most reviews, it shown that it has enormous rear lock housing.
  2. Installation needs to be thorough because of low quality internals.
  3. It has fewer features compared to other smart lock brands.

3. Ring Alarm Smart Lock


Newegg(179.00 USD)
Amazon(199.00 USD)
Bed Bath & Beyond(199.99 USD)


The 6.7 x 6.7 x 1.4 smart alarm can be mounted on a wall with a backup batter that will last up to 34 hours if there is a blackout. It comes with a keypad that can be used as another option of opening and unlocking of the door.

The advantage of having a Ring Alarm smart lock for your home is that it has a smoke and carbon monoxide sensor that can alert your smartphone (through the app).

Aside from that, it has also flood and freeze sensor that detects the temperature of your home and sends an alert in your phone wherever you are.

Good side

  1. The smart lock has easy installation and there’s ease on utilizing it on an everyday basis.
  2. It provides monitoring options for the user.
  3. Considerably cost-effective than most smart locks in the market.
  4. It creates a booming noise or alarm if it detects intruders or forced entry.

Bad side

  1. It provides no integration with other smart home devices.
  2. There is no available assistant support on its latest version.
  3. It has a few options to arm and disarm the system.
  4. It has no geofencing and has limited third part compatibility.

4. Kwikset Smart Lock


Amazon(142.85 USD)
Walmart(164.72 USD)
Amazon Marketplace(148.99 USD)


This Bluetooth-enable smart lock was created to prevent attacks from the outside. Through the App, it can help detect whether you are within the vicinity and only then when you are at the front door will it allow a touch-to-unlock function.

Good side

  1. This smart lock allows you to unlock the door with a single touch.
  2. It is easy install and has the ability to withstand brute-force attacks.
  3. It has a sleek design and finishes.
  4. The eKey sharing makes the access easy for friends and family.
  5. Easy to navigate around especially for a first-time smart lock user.

Bad side

  1. It doesn’t have a key fob accessory.
  2. It has few technical support resources of the smart locks.
  3. There are times that the Bluetooth connectivity fails.

5. Schlage Smart Lock


Amazon(158.96 USD)
Amazon(169 USD)
Lowe’s (199 USD)


Considered as the heaviest duty smart lock in the market, reviews of the Schlage Smart Lock show how it’s one of the best class security lock for your home with a mobile app that can be easily navigated and design that will suit your home.

You can designate specific codes for different people and set when this code will work, thus even if you’ve given a code to a friend, you can set a certain period of time that this code will work.

Good side

  1. It is easy to install and the app works with minimal to none concerns.
  2. It can be integrated with HomeKit and Amazon.
  3. It enables guest access, tamper alarm, touchpad and voice activation which most smart locks don’t have.
  4. It works best with Apple users.

Bad side

  1. The size is a bit bulky.
  2. It has no Google Integration unlike most smart locks.
  3. It is quite expensive and requires a third-party controller for remote Z-Wave access.
  4. It can be very loud.
  5. Unless you have an Apple TV at your home, you won’t be able to control the lock from beyond your range.