Child Proof Your Door and Keep Your Children Safe with These 5 Tips

Childproofing your door at home is a smart way to keep your children inside your house and to keep them safe from getting hit by the doors by accident.

It sounds absurd but if you think about the safety of your children, it actually means a lot. Besides, you don’t have all the time to watch over your children wherever they go inside your house round the clock. That being said, childproofing your door is a big help for homeowners and parents out there.

There are so many childproofing tools you can use out there and if you are not well informed of what proofing tool you must use based on the needs of your children, you might just end up buying unreliable childproofing door accessory.

Thank me later, because I may be able to save you from trouble finding a childproofing door could cause so as I have made different ways to childproof your door. Let’s dig in.

Why should you childproof your door?

Every homeowner may have a different answer but in general, you childproof your door because you don’t want your children to come out of their room or house or to protect their fingers from getting hit by the door.

How long should you childproof your door?

As long as your children can go out on their own without being accompanied by adults and if it is safe for your children to go outside on their own. If these requirements are not met, keep your childproofing door as long as it is necessary.

Best Child Proofing Accessories You Can Use

1. Door Lever Lock

Door Lever Lock

This door lever lock is designed to prevent children from going outside of their room or house. It’s perfect for children who haven’t reached the door lever height because they might eventually learn to unlock the lever lock in time. 

The installation of the door lever lock is pretty straightforward. You just need to mount it on your door with adhesive tape and make sure that it is aligned with your door lever handle.

What I Like

  • It can actually prevent your children from opening the door.

What I don’t like

  • It’s only for short term solution because your children will grow up and eventually learn to unlock the lever lock themselves.
  • It requires adhesive tape which is not good for the paint of your door whenever you need to detach it.

2. Door Knob Cover

Door Knob Cover

If like me, you don’t like adhesive, doorknob cover might be the best for you. You might say, it may just be a cover on your doorknob but for your children, it’s an obstacle they can’t pass through.

Also, it prevents your children from locking you out of their room because it has a feature where it makes it difficult for children to lock the door on their own.

As for the installation, you don’t need adhesive tape nor drill to make it work. You just need to set it on the doorknob and let it do its job.

What I Like

  • Multi-purpose because it serves as a doorknob protector to your wall.
  • Easy to install even without any background

What I don’t like

  • Only works for a short period of time until your children grow up and learn to remove the doorknob cover themselves

3. Door Top Lock

Door Top Lock

Childproofing your door with a top lock is my favorite door accessory by far because it’s for long term solutions and even when your children grow up, they might still not be able to unlock the door because the lock is installed at the top of the door.

The difference with this childproofing tool is that even when your children grow up to reach your door lever, they can’t reach the top of your door to remove the top lock mechanism.

What I Like

  • Guarantee a long childproof solution for your children.
  • Durable and reliable to prevent children from going outside unsupervised.

What I don’t like

  • Requires you to drill a hole into your door jamb.

4. Finger Pinch Guard

Door Finch Guard

Childproofing your door will not prevent your children to go outside. Instead, it’s purpose is to keep their hands safe from being hit by doors by accident, especially if your door uses spring to automatically close it.

That said, it doesn’t keep your children inside because this will always keep your door open. This is ideal for internal use only but not recommended for the front or back door.

What I Like

  • Keeps your children safe from being door slammed.
  • Protects the fingers of your children for getting hit

What I don’t like

  • Keeps your door open

5. Door monkey

Door Monkey

Another multi-purpose accessory to childproof your door is to clamp this door accessory on to your door at any height. Meaning, you can detach it from your door when it is not in use.

However, you just need to clamp and remove door monkey from time to time whenever you need to secure your children in your house. For others, they might find it annoying but for the rest, they might find it useful.

You also don’t need to be afraid of being locked out because door monkey can be locked or opened from both sides, so just make sure your children won’t reach your door monkey.

What I Like

  • Detachable from your door when it’s not in use.
  • No installation required. Just clamp onto your door jamb
  • You can choose the height where you want to install the door monkey.

What I don’t like

  • You need to clamp whenever you need to use it 

That’s it.

Keep in mind that the tips mentioned above are only tips you to keep your children safe and kept inside your house. But it doesn’t mean that you should not watch over your children while they are on the loose in your house. Remember, they are kids and kids do crazy things in funny or dangerous ways.