Dog Door Designs and Ideas You Can Use for Your Pets at Home

The majority of homeowners in the United States have a pet at home. It’s become a continental tradition to the point where even front doors of our house have been modified to benefit our beloved pets. 

Well, not all pets will actually benefit but dogs and cats for sure will. 

Dog doors are not new to many in the United States. It’s actually your typical front door at home but the only difference is there is another door for dogs can use whenever they feel to go out or inside your house.

Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about bad weather affecting your dog door or thieves that might use your dog door to enter the premises of your house because there are dog doors designed to keep all your worries away.

If you want to know more about the type of dog doors, read on as I list them down in no particular order.

1. Electronic Dog Door

Electronic dog doors are designed to keep your pet door closed at all times unless your dog decides to open it. It’s an automatic dog door that opens or closes as your dog approach or passes through that door.

It’s a bit convenient for homeowners because it’s not only an anti-theft door but also anti wild animals that may want to enter your house to get some food whenever they are hungry.

2. Screen door with dog door

Screen doors are secondary doors we use at home to prevent mosquitoes or flies to enter our home because our main door is not designed to keep them all away. But nowadays, we also use screen doors for our doggie instead of using the main door.

3. Dog door for sliding glass door

Many of us use front doors to install our dog door but if you have a sliding glass door at home, it’s still possible for you to install a dog door. Moreover, there are sliding glass doors designed with dog doors already that you can buy instead.

4. Storm door with dog door

Storm doors are secondary doors installed over your front door, sliding or back door. Its purpose is to keep your existing door safe from strong wind or rain from directly hitting your door. Moreover, you can keep your existing door open so you can see what’s going on outside as you wait for your dog. 

How do you choose the best dog door

Choosing the best dog door may depend on your actual needs. All dog doors are unique in their own and each serves a different purpose but in case you need guidance on buying the best dog door, check these tips:

  • Decide whether you need a manual or an automatic dog door.
  • Choose between DIY or ready-made dog door
  • Choose between steel or screen type.

Are dog doors good for dogs

Yes, and it’s good for homeowners, too. Imagine you never have to close or open your door whenever your door needs to go inside or outside your house.

Are dog doors secure?

It depends. If any animals can pass through your pet door, then it’s not. You need to either use an automatic dog door or manual door that you need to always put the lock on at night or when you leave the house.

How to Make a Dog Door and Installation Procedure

Step 1. Locate the stud closest to where you’d like the dog door is located.

Step 2. Measure the height of your pet and make sure it will fit in the dog door.

Step 3. Mark your pet’s shoulder on the door panel.

Step 4. Locate your marketings on your door panel and drill out four corners.

Step 5. Cut the panel of your door in a similar measure in step 2.

Step 6. Insert the center locator and put the door in the wall then mark the walls.

Step 7. Drill out the mark holes and tape it in place and drill four corner holes.

Step 8. Cut an opening with your electronic chainsaw.

Step 9. Make sure the exterior pet door fits the exterior part.

Step 10. Screw the interior pet door into your door panel.