Door Awning – 8 Different Ideas You Can Use for Your Front and Back Door

Canopies or door awnings are a naturally underrated part of the house but in fact, it helps homeowners in a lot of ways they don’t even know about. Admittedly, I also asked myself once or twice if door awnings are an essential part of the house but growing up, I slowly realized its importance.

However, due to the fact that door awning has many designs and styles, it could be difficult for homeowners to choose which door awning is the right for them. That said, I’ve made a list of door awning ideas that every homeowner can check as reference. 

Moreover, to help you understand the use of each door awning, this post will highlight and explain its purpose for a better understanding of door awnings.

1. French Door Awning

French doors are known to be full of squared glass design, giving way to sunlight to come through freely and heat up your house. Morning sunlight is known to be healthy for the skin but beyond the morning, it’s no longer safe for the skin and it contributes the heat in your house.

That makes the purpose of french door awning, to prevent the unnecessary sunlight to come through in house french front door design.

2. Front Door Awning

Door awning is not just for french doors. You can also use a door awning for your front doors even if you’re using a different design for a different purpose with french door awnings such as to prevent fallen leaves to enter your house.

3. Metal Door Awning

Common door awnings are made of wood. Meaning, eventually, it will rot and you will need to replace your wood door awning. And that’s where the metal door awning comes in. Since metal is durable and can last the test of time, it’s ideal to install metal door awning for a long term benefit.

4. Patio Door Awning

Door awnings can be installed not just in your front door but also in your patio doors. Patio door awning gives you an extra cover outside your house so whenever you feel like sitting and relaxing in front of your garden. 

5. Back Door Awning

Back door awning is quite similar to front door awning but they do serve a different purpose. Front door awning prevents unnecessary sunlight to come in through your house while back door awning prevents the leaves from entering your house when they fall down from the trees. 

6. Small Door Awning

Small door awnings are not typically used to protect or prevent something from coming into your house. It’s more like a house design to give a better look at the exterior of a house.

7. Garage Door Awning

This is only applicable to homeowners who have a garage in their house. Garage door awnings are also not very effective in terms of preventing or blocking the sunlight from coming into the house because garage doors are mostly closed all the time.

8. Sliding Door Awning

Don’t mistake patio door awning with sliding door awning. They may exactly the same but there is still a difference. Their size. Patio doors are shorter than sliding doors and given that fact, their need for door awning is also different. However, if your patio and sliding doors have the same size, it makes no difference at all.

Benefits of using door awnings

  • Prevents unnecessary heat and sunlight to come through your house.
  • Protects the exterior of your door against the raindrops.
  • Gives you extra covered space as you stand by your door outside.
  • Prevents fallen leaves to enter your house through your front or back door.

Different design of door awnings

  • Polycarbonate door awnings
  • Plastic door awnings
  • Retractable fabric door awnings

If the purpose of door awnings above does not change your view of door awnings, I don’t know what can but as a homeowner myself, I’ve used door awnings myself and so far it is very convenient whenever I step out of the house.