Door Blinds – 6 Designs You Can Try to Decorate Your Doors at Home

Finding the best door blinds to decorate your home can be really challenging. You need to know if it will match with the current design of your house or it will just deteriorate your existing design.

Whether you like it or not, door blinds contribute an important role in your overall house decoration and it is important that you choose only what’s best for your kind of door.

That said, I put together all kinds of door blinds you can check for yourself whenever you need to use a door blinds in your house. I have listed door blinds for patio, french, sliding, enclosed and even magnetic so you everything you need is pretty much added below and you don’t have to look anywhere.

1. Patio Door Blinds

Patio Door Blinds

Patio door blinds are designed to be used on patio doors. Patio blinds are attached to the panel of your patio doors so whenever the door opens or closes, the blinds will always be attached to it for your convenience. 

2. French Door Blinds

French Door Blinds

Another door blinds that need to be attached to your door. French door blinds should be customized to fit your door size because not all french doors have a standard design and that goes for french door blinds too.

3. Door Window Blinds

Window Door Blinds

This is your typical window blinds. There is a lot of designs and colors you can choose from for windows and you can also have a customized style and color of your window blinds.

4. Magnetic Door Blinds

Magnetic Door Blinds

This door blind is designed for metal door jamb or metal door. It works similarly to chord door blinds but everything here for magnetic is manual such as when you need to pull up your blinds, you can’t do so because it’s cordless so you need to fold your blinds up manually.

5. Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding Door Blinds

Of all door blinds mentioned above, sliding door blinds really made itself outstanding and unique. Because the blinds for sliding doors aren’t the same with your typical door that goes up and down. 

As you know, sliding doors must use sliding door blinds because it will be annoying if you will use traditional blinds where you need to pull up whenever you will slide open your door.

6. Mini Door Blinds

Mini Door Blinds

If you have mini windows in your home but you still insist to use door blinds, mini door blinds can help you achieve that. However, with this kind of door blinds, you need to have a customized size of your mini door blinds that perfectly fits your mini window.

The main key to a successful buying of door blinds is to know what will match with your current design and the exact size of what you need to avoid getting too short or long door blinds.