Door Curtains – 7 Decorative Ideas You Can use to Design Your Home

Homeowners these days are always fascinated with door curtain designs. In fact, they even read a catalog just to get a few ideas they can follow to simply design their house and make it look sophisticated like the rest. No one can blame them because as a homeowner myself, I also want to have a clean and elegant ambiance at home.

Door curtains actually play an important role in home design. They provide elegance look to our interior design and contribute to the overall outcome of your house interior design. It’s a valid statement because there are many door curtains designs being used from country to country and from house theme to house theme. 

That said, if you are a homeowner yourself, you probably know what I mean but for those who are currently exploring door curtain designs or ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of door curtain designs below that you might want to give a try in your house.

1. French Door Curtains

French Door Curtains

This door curtain is quite unique. It’s not the type of door curtain that we are aware of because both the upper and lower part of this curtain has a rod in it. Meaning, no matter how strong the wind is, french door curtains will not be blown away. 

In terms of design, what you can do is to put a garter in the middle of the curtain and pull it towards the center to make a shape out of it.

The only problem you will encounter with this is when installing it with curtain rods because unlike the typical door curtains we know of, french door curtains use two rods in the upper and lower end of the curtain.

2. Beaded Door Curtains

Beaded Door Curtains

Simple yet stylish. Beaded door curtains aren’t for modern houses but for stylish people who like the ambiance of the beach. However, the problem with beaded door curtains is that when the beads get tangled, it will be annoying to untwist the beads from time to time.

3. Front Door Curtains

Front Door Curtains

Front door houses in the U.S are half glass and half wood so you don’t need a full-sized front door curtain. Instead, you can just use a half-sized curtain to block the view through the glass from the outside. That said, front door curtains don’t really much contribute to the entire design of your house.

4. Bamboo Door Curtains

Bamboo Door Curtains

Do not mistake bamboo over beaded door curtains. They are entirely different but the design may be identical. Bamboo door curtains are more durable than beads and they don’t get twisted as you will encounter with beaded door curtains. Also, the design with bamboo curtains are definitely creative, one of a kind, and probably something you will like if you prefer creative more than modern.

5. Patio Door Curtains

Patio Door Curtains

Patio doors require a longer curtain than your normal door. It should also a blackout type of curtain because you can’t let the other side see through what’s in your house. Also, you must only use a door slide curtain for your convenience.

The problem you will experience with patio door curtains is when you need to clean them. If you will do the laundry yourself, you definitely will have a tough time cleaning it so let your laundry shop clean it.

6. Kitchen Door Curtains

Most houses in the US have no division between the living room but if your house happens to be an exemption, you might need kitchen door curtains. The kitchen door kitchen should not your curtain for patio or for the front door because it should be different. However, you can use beaded, bamboo or even fabric door curtains.

7. Japanese Door Blinds

Japanese Door Blinds

Another door blinds you can try is a culture-inspired door blind. Japanese door blinds are made of cloth with different designs printed on them. The quality of these Japanese door blinds are more durable than plastic door blinds and can be used for a long period of time.