4 Best Decorative Door Draft Stoppers Available in The Market Today

Many homeowners are probably not aware of what door draft or door air stopper is about and its purpose. Probably, because not most of us have a need to use it in our house. Door draft stopper purpose is to prevent cold air, noise or smell coming from entering into your house. It also prevents the heat from the inside of your house to exit your house through the gap of your door and flooring, for the purpose of saving electric power.

Moreover, you can also use door draft stoppers to soundproof your baby room or nursery room to give them a complete silence as they sleep in their room using the under door seal. This is also helpful to your children who play video games in their room so that you won’t hear their voices out loud.

Unfortunately, not most of us still don’t realize that which explains why we still don’t use door draft stopper until now. 

If you think that door draft stoppers may damage the interior design of your house, you might have to think again because it comes with different designs from different manufacturers to ensure that you’ll have many options to choose from for your door draft stoppers which are listed below:

1. MAXTID Door Draft Stopper


This draft stopper can absolutely seal off your door gap between your house and the outside world. It uses two tight foams on both sides which insulate the gap between your door and your flooring.

To install, you just need to slide under door draft stopper at the bottom of your door and seal off the hole which serves as the gateway of bad odor, smoke and to keep cold air out your house 

The cover is made of waterproof polyester fabric and washable so you can always wash it clean whenever you need to.

2. MAGZO Single Door Draft Seal


This is a dustproof door draft with hooks that you can use to hang the draft stopper when it’s not in use. It’s not double-sided draft stopper compared to the other products but it is guaranteed there won’t be any noise will come through your door gap when this is in place.

The installation of this door draft is very different from double sided because you need to use the tape or tuck it in both ends through the gap of your door and flooring to seal off the hole.

3. Evelots Jumbo Door Draft Stopper


It works on every floor surface type like carpet, vinyl, tile and even wood. Once installed properly, you won’t need to bend down to reposition your draft stopper because the styrofoam will constantly move as you close open your door.

It’s also easy to wipe off the dirt on its vinyl cover using a wet cloth such as dust because it’s not dustproof cover.

4. SWISSELITE Door Draft Blocker


This is a decorative door draft stopper made of oxford material which makes the draft stopper soft and easier to wash off the dirt whenever you need to clean it.  

If you worry because it might harm your existing interior design, there are different options of colors that you can match the design of your house to keep it elegant.

There are also different designs available for door drafts such as giraffe, dog or cat. If you have children, that particular design will be ideal for them.