What to Look for When Buying a Door Fly Screen for Your House?

It is quite typical for any homes to experience dilemma brought by unwanted visitors – the insects. Despite the numerous insect repellants, you’ve used all over the house, it seems like these insects and flies always they find their way in.

Thus, the best way to keep these unwanted visitors out, is to block them from entering. A door fly screen has the ability to cover large doors and windows that will keep these insects and flies away from your home. Not only it can block these insects and flies, they can also aide in blocking unwanted air entering your home.

How much is a door fly screen?

There are variety of fly screens available nowadays. It depends on the type of door fly screen, usually the sturdiest and durable costs around $30 to $50.

What are the types of door fly screens?

Here is the list of the most utilized door fly screen available in the market.

  1. Fiberglass Door Fly Screen – As the name suggests, this fly screen is made of fiberglass, usually referred as nylon mesh. While it is commonly use for it doesn’t usually rust, it may stretch and tear easily.
  2. Aluminum Door Fly Screen – It is considered as one of the most durable material for a door fly screen. However, over time it can dent and crease easily.
  3. Stainless Steel Door Fly Screen – Considered as sturdier than aluminum, this type of door fly screen is recommended if your home is located in bushfire places.
  4. Solar Door Fly Screen – Perfect for tropical countries, solar door fly screens help in protecting your loved ones from harmful rays of the sun. It absorbs heat and provide shading. It is ideal for homes that have porches and verandas.
  5. Pet Door Fly Screen – A typical door fly screen for homes that have pets is made from vinyl-coated polyester that will make it hard for your pets to destroy.
  6. Sand Door Fly Screen – If your home is close to beach, it is best to get a sand door fly screen to prevent mosquitos from entering your home through its small weave structure.
  7. Door Fly Screen and Storm Doors – For countries that have four seasons, they opt for a combination of door fly screen and storm doors. A fly screen door is used during the summer and swap with a storm door during the winter. A storm door installed for these homes to lessen the loss of energy, block the drafts, and of course, for security purposes.
  8. Hinged Screen Door – Usually made of wooden frame, this is a permanent screen door for your home held by rubber spline.
  9. Sliding Screen Door – Either as a set of runners or retractable ones, the sliding screen doors is also ideal in keeping away pests from entering your home.
  10. Magnetic Screen Door – Attached through the means of Velcro strips, these two-screen screen door helps to keep children and pets inside the house while keeping the flies, mosquitos and insects outside.

What are the things to consider when buying a door fly screen?

Just because the door fly screen will look suitable for your home, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Here are few reminders in selecting the perfect door fly screen for your home.

  1. Weave of the Door Fly Screen – It will be pointless to buy a door fly screen whose weave are big enough for mosquitos to enter. Check how many strands are present in square inch of the weave. Take note: the tighter the weave, the more secured thee door fly screen will be.
  2. Sizes and Configuration – After checking the weave, check the size of the fly screen that will fit in to the size of your door. To check the measuring of your door, you may start from measuring the opening between the door jambs and not the door itself.
  3. Maintenance – Check for screen door that are easy to clean and maintain. Usually a screen door can be wiped using a damp cloth in keeping it clean all the time. Alternatively, you may hire a cleaning service provider to do the work for you thoroughly.
  4. Convenience – If you are to put fly screen for your windows then a fixed one should be bought but for your doors, a retractable one should be convenient for it can be opened and closed whenever you prefer.
  5. Ventilation – Go for door fly screen that will allow fresh air around your home while still keeping insects from entering your house.
  6. Retractable Screens – If you a quite unsure whether the fly screen would be ideal for your house, you may alternatively get yourself a retractable screen. Since it’s for temporary use and can perform the usage of a typical door fly screen, it will give you an insight whether it will be worth it to buy yourself a door fly screen.

There are various retractable screens available, from styles and sizes, you can purchase from the nearest appliance or hardware store near your home. Just ensure that you are getting the ones that will fit in to the size of your door.

Where can you buy door fly screens?

In your local handyman or hardware services, door fly screens are available. It is best to personally go to these stores and select the door fly screen in person instead of purchasing online because you will never be sure of its quality.

You can ask the supplier if they can also provide the installation of the screen doors or you’ll have to manual install it yourself.