All 7 Kinds of Door Handle You Can Use for All Your Doors

There are so many door handle designs out there. Each type of door has a dedicated door handle that homeowners can choose for that particular respective door. For instance, a screen door must use a screen door handle, not a doorknob because it’s mainly for front doors.

However, if you have no idea what door handle is best and secured for your type of door, you might get not only yourself but also your family if you don’t choose a good quality door handle for your doors.

To help you make a better decision in buying a door handle, I made a list of door handles that we normally use at home in the hopes to help you find a good door handle.

1. Barn Door Handles

Barn Door Handle

It’s not only for barn doors but it can also be used for heavyweight doors such as patio doors. Although the design of barn door handles don’t look sophisticated and it looks very simple, it does the job to handle the door whenever you open or close it.

Barn door handles are perfectly fit for a two-door design.

2. Screen Door Handles

Screen Door Handle

This kind of door handle is specifically for screen doors. Meaning, you can’t use it for heavyweight doors because it’s not tough and not durable. And since screen door handles are small and mostly made in plastic, it can only be used for lightweight doors.

3. Cabinet Door Handles

Cabinet Door Handle

This door handle is quite similar to screen door handles. You cannot use a cabinet door handle except on cabinets only because they are manufactured to be used for that purpose only.

Fortunately, there’s been a lot of design for cabinet door handles from small to large door cabinet so homeowners will a lot to choose from.

4. Pocket  or Sliding Door Handles

Pocket Door Handle

A unique door handle that mostly used inside your house. Meaning, it is not recommended to be used in your front door because you can’t lock it and even if there are pocket door handles with lock, it’s not very durable than the others.

Pocket door handles are recommended to be used for doors inside your house such as kitchen or bedrooms because you might not need to lock these doors.

5. Front Door Handles

Front Door Handle

There are so many designs you can choose from on the front door handle. Lever, knob or even barn door handle can be used. However, you need to use the appropriate door handle for your front door and make sure it has a lock feature that can’t be picked easily.

Ideally, for front door handles are handles that can be locked like a lever or knob but if you want a more sophisticated door handle, you can try smart locks.

6. Garage Door Handles

Garage Door Handle

Don’t be surprised if garage doors use a small door handle despite the garage door being big. It just means that the garage door hinge and its jamb are both durable and can easily be pushed and pulled using a small garage door handle.

You can just use a lift handle for your garage because it only takes a little force from your end to open and close the door.

7. French Door Handles

French Door Handle

Just like with screen door handles, french doors use lever handle for a very particular purpose which is to retain the sophisticated look of french doors. 

Also, french doors itself look elegance already so adding a decorative door handle might affect the appearance of your door negatively.