13 Types of Door Knobs You Can Buy on Amazon

Any kind of home has a set of doorknobs to ensure the safety of their loved ones and valuable items. Any kind of doorknobs as well are included in door hardware, also known as lockset. There are various locksets that have their own distinct use and purpose.

Nonetheless, in choosing a lockset for your home, you should always take in great consideration that these can last long, can withstand any types of intrusion and can guarantee that whatever it is locked from inside will be safe and sound. Here are the kinds of lockset you can choose from:

1. Deadbolts

One of the most utilized doors lock types and used almost in all residential areas, the deadbolts have been the universal door lock for any kind of commercial areas. The reason why deadbolts are popular is that it is considered one of the most cost-effective secure locks you can purchase in any local hardware.

2. Cylinder Lever Lock

Also used for residential and commercial places, a cylinder lever lock is easy to install and operate. It is efficient in terms of ingress and egress. While there are only some who utilize this kind of doorknob, it is still considered an efficient way to lock rooms and office areas.

3. Electronic and Smart Locks

Nowadays, electronic and smart locks have been commonly used globally. Not only because it offers security that adapts to the current trends of technology, but it also has the capability to inform its user if the home is being forcedly open or if a guest or family member has entered the home through an app.

4. Euro Cylinder Locks

As the name suggests, the Euro Cylinder Locks is commonly used in western countries such as the continent of Europe. Considered as a rare kind of lock, it is used to secure patio doors or serve as a door lock for interior double doors. However, despite the fact that its body can be easily prone to damage and can wear over some time, people in the said region still purchase this kind of lockset.

5. Dummy Lockset

Also known as non-functional lockset, the dummy lockset serves like a cabinet pull for it does not use any kind of locking or latching mechanism. You can usually see or use this kind of lockset for storage of cleaning materials, food supplies and alike.

6. Keyed Entry Lockset

The lockset can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. If you’d like to secure items in a room or closet, you can use the keyed entry lockset so that if the outside may be unlocked, the inside door may be only unlocked with a turn button or key.

7. Keypad Door Lock

Another kind of doorknob used nowadays is the keypad door lock. If you are someone who tends to forget keys often, a keypad door lock will give you a guarantee of safety through its function of putting in a series of number lock in its electronic keypad. It still has the emergency key that you can use in case you forgot the lock (or someone changed it) or in unfortunate circumstances.

8. Mortise Lock Set

Similar to cylinder lever lock, the mortise locksets are a common fixture in a lot of homes. Most old homes have utilized a mortise lockset because it has detailed and delicate hardware mounted to the door. Some of its parts are threaded lock cylinder and the cam. Moreover, it has the ability to last long that’s why most people go to extremes to find this kind of lockset. The mortise lockset is commonly found in apartment complexes.

9. Night Latch

Similar to the Surface Mounted Deadbolt, this can be installed from the inside surface of the door. Its distinction function is its automatic lock. The enormous, spring-loaded latch can automatically lock whenever the door is closed. However, the night latch is considered light security and usually combined with another lock for another layer of security.

10. Passage Lockset

As the name implies, this kind of lockset doesn’t have a lock for its purpose is to serve as a blockage of an area or a room. These are commonly used on interior doors, closet doors, pantry doors, and bedrooms, especially for kids.

11. Privacy Lockset

To guarantee security and privacy, privacy locksets are used to ensure that access to various rooms such as home offices and/or bedrooms will be observed. The privacy function works in a way that the push or turn button can usually be found on the inside of the door. One distinct feature of it is that it has no lock from the outside, but instead a small hole wherein you can put an emergency key to unlock the door.

12. Remote Door Lock

Aside from electronic keypad, another for a smart doorknob or lock is the remote door lock. Instead of a key, you can use a remote to unlock and access your home or a room. It also comes with a keypad function wherein it gives you the advantage of providing specific codes for different users that you will be allowing to enter your home and/or room.

13. Surface Mounted Deadbolt

It comes in square shape and placed on the insider of the door. Its bolt can be turned using a key or turning the knob. Its distinct function is that instead of sliding into the door frame, the bolt slides into a surface-mounted strike.