Door Knob

Standard door knob are commonly used in residential houses all over the world. But as a regular consumer yourself, do you know how to troubleshoot your door knob? how to find a good one or how to even install it to your door? Luckily, this section has all door knob guides for you.

But before you get to that, you need to know all parts of a door lock, especially if you need to find a replacement of a piece on your door lock such as cylinder, bolt, box. latch or plate when you go to the store.

How much does a door knob cost?

It depends on the type of door knob you are looking for. Some may range $10 to $20 but some may cost higher. Especially if you are buying customized door knob, glass or crystal door knob.

What are the door lock designs available out there?

Our creativity has gotten to a different level. There are door knob design you will find really weird, stylish or just fine. There are skull door knob, hand door knob, glass or dummy designs.

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