Door Lock Parts: A Consumer Guide Information

You probably think you should not know anything about doorknobs because there isn’t much to know about it. It’s true that you can learn almost everything about a doorknob in just about an hour such as how to install a doorknob, how to pick a door lock etc.

But when it comes to choosing a good style and quality, what do you have in mind and why do you think it’s better than the other? You need to know the difference of each door lock part because that’s what makes a door lock stand out in the competition and in this article, you are in for a treat.

Push-button lock

Simple yet durable. Push-button door locks aren’t easy to break because they stand the test of time. But the problem with push-button door lock is if the quality isn’t topnotch, there are instances your lock might get stuck.

If you are unable to repair the damage yourself, you might end up paying someone to do it for you or you might end up buying and replacing a new one.

Rotating lock

Secure and classy. Rotating door lock is your safest way to keep the children locked. It can’t be opened by children unable to understand the difference between rotating and push-button lock.

In terms of quality, the rotating lock might be easier to break than push-button lock because of the way it has to be locked. Rotating lock needs you to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise if you need to lock unlock your door and might cause a technical issue in the long run.

Latch bolt

Simple but trusted. Latch bolt is the most popular and best seller doorknob in the market of all time. It is also the most affordable door lock set you can buy in the marketplace. However, it is not quite some compare to deadbolt because latch bolts can be opened from the outside with the use of card sliding through the bolt.

While it is not always the case, that’s one trick thieves have used several times without fail.


Secure and burglar-proof. The deadbolt lock is the evolved version of the latch bolt and the huge difference is deadbolt lock can’t be opened easily by burglars through sliding a card into the bolt as they do in the latch.

And since latch bolt can’t be opened easily, you can argue that there is already an added security feature to your house.

Lever handle

Stylish and easy to rotate. Lever handle won’t cause you any problem whenever you open the door. Either your hands are wet or your both hands are full of groceries, you can still conveniently open it yourself compared to a cylinder handle.

However, it decreases the safety of your children because they can easily open your door just by grabbing the lever and adding some weight to it to open the door assuming your door is unlocked.

Cylinder handle

Standard and good for kids’ safety. Cylinder doorknob is widely used by houses, hospitals, and offices almost everywhere. This door knob handle has been tested over time and proven to have worked effectively.

However, there are downsides a cylinder doorknob has such as you can’t easily rotate a cylinder doorknob while your hands are wet or you can’t just open your door while you are carrying things with both of your hands.


Sophisticated and stylish. This door lock handle is probably the most modern and fashionable yet, secure and safe. The lock is separated from the keyhole and you don’t have to rotate its lever to open the door. Instead, you just need to push down the lock to open the door.

That’s it.

I hope the few tips mentioned above will become useful and helpful to you whenever you plan to change or buy a new doorknob for your house. It is important that you should know which knob will work best based on your needs so no regrets at the end of the day.