11 Decorative Door Mat Ideas – Every Homeowner Should Have at Home

Doormats may be simple and yet we spend a reasonable amount of time in finding the best doormat design that we like. Each doormat design attracts different homeowners and different design obviously costs different price.

Doormats also serve different purposes in our house. We use doormats in our front door, in bedrooms, in our kitchens and even in the back door. And obviously, they all have different designs, quality, and prices.

And in this article, you will learn more about doormats, what is for indoor or outdoor, is it personalized, custom, decorative or funny? There’s a lot of questions you could ask but this article might be able to help you answer at least a few so let’s get started.

1. Personalized Door Mats

Personalized doormats are the ones that specifically define your interest. This type of doormat is usually not available in the market because you need to instruct the maker of a doormat to personalize you a design of a mat.

2. Custom Door Mats

This type of doormat is also not available in the market because you need to customize the design of your doormat. Usually, a doormat is in place but you will make your own design on the mat provided on the resources available.

3. Front Door Mats

It’s the most common door mats out there because the majority of us place a front door mat right at our doorstep. Be it personalized, customized doormats or just ordinary, front door mats became an essential part of the house for many homeowners.

4. Funny Door Mats

This is the type of doormat that is not usually seen at home but largely available in the market. Either many homeowners are not into funny doormats or they don’t just buy the “funny” thing to be funny but there really is a market for funny doormats.

5. Indoor Mats

Indoor mats are not your kind of outdoor mats. It’s specifically manufactured for indoor purposes only and is very fragile to be placed outside. Its purpose is mainly for bare feet and not for shoes, slippers whatsoever.

6. Outdoor Mats

All outdoor mats are highly durable. It’s perfectly manufactured against your dirty shoes, slippers, heavy right or wind and it will remain firm and good looking after you use it.

7. Decorative Door Mats

Decorative doormats are usually used in rooms by your teenage children. It’s usually a design they can only understand because it’s not your typical “welcome home doormat” you normally see at home.

8. Rubber Doormats

Rubber doormats are also durable and mostly used for outdoor purposes. It’s not your ordinary doormat because it’s not made of fabric that you need to wash over on a regular basis.

9. Welcome Doormats

The most popular among homeowners around the globe. The welcome doormats are usually placed at the front door to let visitors know that they are welcome to enter the premises of a house. 

10. Christmas Doormats

This doormat is for seasonal purposes only. Christmas doormats are very popular during the Christmas season and almost every homeowner who believe in the spirit of Christmas place it at their front door.

11. Spring doormats

This is not your ordinary doormat. It’s a mat full of mini springs that are designed to make your bare feet comfortable when you step or scratch your feet on them compared to fabric made mats.

There you have it. All 11 kinds of doormats you can use at home.