Best Door Pull up Bars for Men, Women, and Kids You Can Install at Home

Many of us do pull-ups because it’s the fastest way to develop our upper body. And going to the gym on a regular basis to do pull-ups is one habit that many of us devote our time for – in the hope that we’ll achieve the ideal body shape we dream of.

Simply because not all of us are gifted with a gorgeous looking body so we all work hard to have it.

Funny right?

You pay for the equipment you use at the gym on a regular basis but what if I told you that you can still do your pull up exercises while you are in the comfort of your home?

Door pull-ups can be installed and used at home with proper guidance. While it’s not actually difficult to do so, having a cheat sheet of all you need isn’t so bad. 

That said, I’ve put together all different door pull-ups you can use to set up in your house which are listed below at your disposal.

1. Door Pull up Bar

Hook pull up bar

There are two kinds of pull up bars. First, is a fine steel rod that is strong enough to carry the weight of an average-sized man. Second is another steel rod but there are two hooks attached to it that you can mount to the wall as additional support to carry your weight.

2. Pull up bar handles

Clamp pull up bar

Another pull up bar you can install in your house is not a steel rod compared to the previous one but just bar handles. The good thing about this door pull up is this won’t consume a lot of space because you just need to use the area where you need to mount your bar handles. 

3. Wall pull up bar

Above the door pull up bar

This pull up bar can be installed not just above your door but also on the wall. However, if you install it in your doorway, it needs to be in your room and not in your kitchen or front door because it will not look good at all. Wall pull up bar is a permanent installation because you need to drill holes where you want to place your wall pull up bar.

4. Clamp pull up bar

Clamp pull up bar

Drilling a hole in your door jamb or wall is no problem with this pull up bar because you only need to clamp it on both ends of your door jamb. That said, you can only use it when your door is wide open and not in use so it’s not a permanent installation.

Meaning, you can detach it from your door jamb when you’re not using your clamp pull up bar.

5. Chin pull up bar/kids pull up bar

Kids pull up bar

If height is your problem whenever you do pull-ups at home, kids pull up bar will solve your problem. This pull up bar can be installed in between of your doorway and you don’t need to drill hole as well similar to clamp pull up bar.

You can easily install it just by mounting both ends of the pole and lock it upward so when you pull your body up, it won’t break down. 

Door pull-ups are durable, stable and tough that lets you do your daily pull up exercises at home instead of the gym. There are so many door pull-ups you can choose from and knowing what they look like will give you an educated decision on which kind of door pull up bar is good for you.