All Different Types of Door Stopper Available You Can Buy in 2019

There are two different purposes on why door stoppers were ever manufactured. First, is to prevent your door from damaging your wall whenever it hits it. And second, is to hold your door from closing whenever your door hits the door stopper. It’s quite splendid to see that a little piece of a product can solve two major problems of every homeowner not just in the United States of America but all over the globe.

As a homeowner myself, I have been frustrated by how I can prevent the doors at my house to leave scratches on my wall or how can I keep a door open without always putting something to stop it from closing. It’s a common problem of a homeowner but we don’t actually pay attention to it unless we actually get to see the damage that’s been done.

But I’m way over it. I no longer get frustrated nor think of it as a problem. And I think it’s your turn to end your problem with your door which is why you are reading this right? Let me give you a bit of information that might help you solve your door issues and become a happy homeowner.

Types of Door Stoppers

Before I give you different door stoppers to choose from, you need to consider which type of door stoppers you will you in your house. This will save you time and will help you decide which one is gonna actually work for you when you start looking for a door stopper.

  • Magnetic Door Stop
  • Wall-mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Kick down
  • Hinge Pin
  • Wedge

Decorative and Unique Door Stopper Ideas

  • Cat Door Stopper
  • Cast Iron Door Stopper
  • Cute Door Stopper
  • Funny Door Stopper
  • Animal Door Stopper
  • Novelty and Fancy Door Stopper
  • Fabric Door Stopper

Best Floor Mounted Door Stopper

  • Floor Mount Bumper
  • Half Dome Floor Doorstop
  • No drilling Doorstop
  • Convex Doorstop

All these types of door stoppers need to be installed but it won’t take you longer and I’ll walk you through how to install a door stopper later in this post, so read on for more details.

Now that you have an idea about different types of door stoppers, you need to know also if your door needs a stopper or not. Typically, a door that needs stopper was built with a door hinge or sliding door because when you open these doors, it might actually hit something and that’s what we are trying to prevent and resolve.

Best Door Stopper Type for Your Front and Interior Door

1. Magnetic door stopper

Doorstopper magnetics are metal, easy to install, cheap and available in wall or floor mounted. It’s a very durable door stopper so whenever you slam your door, you’re never gonna have to worry that your door might hit your wall. Their magnetic feature serves as door holder as well so when you need to keep your door open, there’s a solution for that.

What I like:

Dual-purpose (holder and stopper)
Easy to install and you can do it yourself in less than 5 mins.
Stylish and don’t consume space in your house

What I don’t like:

You need to mount it onto your door and onto the wall/floor.
The magnet isn’t always holding the door open.

2. Adhesive door stopper

The adhesive door stopper is very convenient to install and reliable to use. You don’t need to use a drill or screwdriver in order to mount the door stopper because it has a sticky feature that attaches your door stopper onto the wall and onto the door which is a good thing because it won’t leave a mark on your floor and door. You can also detach your door stopper and change its location whenever needed.

What I like:

No need to screw onto your wall and door.
Have different colors available.
Dual-purpose (stop and hold)

What I don’t like:

Children might think of it as a toy and try to detach it themselves.

3. Fantom door stopper

Fantom door stopper is a brand with a good, unique and artistic quality product of its own. This door stopper was a floor-mounted designed, created purposely to prevent your door from hitting the wall with a magnet solution and that doesn’t degrade the style of your house. In fact, when it’s in use, it won’t be visible to your eye because your door will totally conceal it and you can install it on hardwood, carpet, tile and even concrete flooring.

However, the problem you’ll encounter with this door stopper is quite outrageous because when you install it, you need to remove your door in order to screw the striker plate underneath the lower part of your door and you need to drill a hole into your flooring to receive the sleeve for permanent placement.

Note: Installation Requires: 2.5-3.0mm Drill Bit/Masonry Drill Bit 14mm/Spade Bit 24mm

What I like:

Hidden in the floor to eliminate tripping hazards
Easy to install
Concealed design looks elegant
Different colors available

What I don’t like:

You need to remove your door from the door frame in order to install the striker plate.

What I don’t like:

You need to remove your door from the door frame in order to install the striker plate.

4. Rubber Door Wedge Stopper

If you don’t prefer to install anything on your floor or wall but you would love to resolve your problem with door slam also, a rubber stopper might be the ideal for you. Decorative or wedge door stopper doesn’t require you to mount it onto anything because you just need to place it between your door and your wall. Simple as that.

The rubber was designed to prevent the door from moving further when it meets your rubber stopper because of its multiple layered humps that will halt the movement of your door. However, since there’s no installation required, someone might move it elsewhere leaving your wall unprotected.

This rubber door stopper has a unique surface texture to stop and wedge any door. In addition to this, the friction on every floor surface holds even heavyweight doors. What I like is that it works on every floor: Wood, Carpet, Cement, Vinyl, and Tiles. 

The rubber used for Wundermax Door stopper is REACH compliance certified and tested by SGS. The door stops are safe for children and pets at home, office or school. They are very easy to use, you slide it under a door and you are done.

What I like:

No installation required.
Different colors are available.
Strong flexible rubber endures high pressure. Convenient to store! You can easily store your door stopper in the free bonus holder. Stack them together and create a double door stopper XL 2 inches high.
Come in multiple colors, orange, white, black, red, grey! Decorative Design

What I don’t like:

You can glue the holder only once to the surface, so make sure you are happy with the position you have chosen.

You can find a high-quality rubber door stopper here.

5. Kickdown door stopper

This door stopper only needs to be mounted onto your door. No need to bother with your floor or door because the door alone is enough to prevent your door from closing. Yes, kick-down door stopper only prevents your door from closing and it doesn’t protect your wall from getting damaged when you slam your door so it’s not a dual-purpose door stopper and you might need to install another stopper.

Another thing you must take note of is that when the rubber from door stopper gets detached or removed, you might need to replace the rubber or else it won’t hold your door from closing and it might scratch your floor.

What I like:

Easy to install and can hold your door from closing.

What I don’t like:

It requires you to install it on the front side of your door.
It’s not a dual-purpose door stopper.
Rubber can be removed by anyone

6. Wall or knob door stopper

If you don’t want to screw your door stopper onto your wall or floor, you can use a wall door stopper that protects your wall from getting damaged when your door hits it. There are sticky wall stoppers that allow you to attach a small rubber that protects your wall from the impact whenever you slam your door.

However, it only solves your problem with walls and it doesn’t solve your problem with holding the door open. If keeping your door open isn’t an issue you for you, then wall door stopper is probably the best for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your children away from your wall door stopper because they might

What I like:

No installation required.
Easy to use and reliable from keeping your wall safe.

What I don’t like:

Children might play with it.

7. Hinge Pin Door Stopper

This is a different type of door stopper because it doesn’t require a screw or you don’t need to mount it on your wall or flooring. It also works on different types of flooring you have such as vinyl, carpet, tile or linoleum.

How it works is also different than the rest of the door stopper mentioned above, because the pin screw is the only thing that stops the door by hitting your door jamb whenever you open your door.

The only problem you might encounter is when the door is opened by force, there’s a chance that it might bounce to hit you back so it’s something you should keep in mind when you use a hinge pin door stop.

What I Like

Easy to install and no drilling required.

What I don’t like

No door holder to keep your door open although it will prevent your door from hitting the wall.

How to Install Door Stopper?

To install a door stopper, you will need a drill and pencil to mark where you will have to drill. Considering you already have the materials you need to install door stoppers, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Measure the distance where you want your door to stop and avoid hitting the wall.
  2. Once you have measured the distance, you need to mark it so you know where you will make a hole to install your door stopper.
  3. Lastly, drill your screw into the wall or flooring and to mount your stopper.

Where to Buy Door Stopper?

There are endless ways to buy a stopper. If there are malls or hardware stores near your residence, you can just go there yourself and ask your personal questions. Alternatively, you can also buy online such as on Amazon, HomeDepot, Walmart and wait for your item to arrive.

Best Decorative and Unique Door Stoppers

If decoration means a lot to you, there are also decorative designs available for door stoppers. You can choose from a wide variety of styles that might amaze you or might even influence your decision when you’re thinking of a good door stopper. 

Finding these decorative door stoppers isn’t quite an easy task and you might not see these casually in the mall. However, if you’ll dig deep into door stopper designs, you might encounter a few attractive designs. The only problem is, will you do your research to discover different choices? Some will but many will not so I took the time and made a list of types and designs for door stoppers.

1. Cat Door Stopper

A cat door stopper is perfectly designed for people who are into cats or cat lovers as they may find the regular door stoppers dull or not attractive. This is a unique door stopper because of the design itself and there are also various designs for cats you can see in the market.

2. Cast Iron Door Stopper

This is not a lightweight door stopper. It is solid as iron and it comes with different designs. If you are to heavyweight door stopper to resolve your doubt if lightweight can actually do its job, an iron made stopper might suit you the best.

3. Cute Door Stopper

This is nothing but all about the cuteness door stopper. If you have children at home, this can be their next toy at home because they will not be able to resist the attractiveness of a cute door stopper. It comes in many designs and the material is not harmful to children.

4. Funny Door Stopper

From cute to funny, this another decorative and unique door stopper will surely give you a smirk. The creativity level of these designs are one of a kind and will truly make you change your mind to buy a regular design door stopper.

5. Animal Door Stopper

If you love pets, this will excite you because you have so many to choose from. There are dogs, rats, crocodile designs that you might be interested in rather than an ordinary door stopper. If you can’t have all animals as pets, maybe you can have them as door stoppers?

6. Novelty and Fancy Door Stopper

Finding a way to trick your family and visitors? The fancy or novelty door stopper is good for you. Your visitors and family will have a shocking reaction the moment they set their eyes at your door stopper. Obviously, will create a conversation once they find out its true identity and purpose.

7. Fabric Door Stopper

This is unique and decorative but it consumes a lot of space than the other door stoppers. There are also different designs available for fabric stopper but the only that stands out for me is the cube door stop tutorial which can be used as a chair for your visitors.

Best Floor Mounted Door Stopper

Aside from decorative and unique doorstop, there are also other styles that might get your attention like floor mounted. A floor-mounted doorstop is attached to your floor which can be hidden or standing still. Either style can stop and hold your stopper to prevent your door from hitting the wall as listed below:

1. Floor Mount Bumper

A floor mount bumper is designed to stop your door from hitting your wall at a certain distance from the wall but it’s not designed to hold it still. Its rubber-like bumper receives the impact of your door when someone opens it abruptly.

2. Half Dome Floor Doorstop

This is a dome-like door stop with a rubber bumper at the edge of the dome. The platform of the doom is less than an inch so your door won’t hit the platform of your doorstop before it hits the rubber edge.

3. No Drill Doorstop

If you don’t like drilling on to your flooring or on your wall, this doorstop is perfect for you. It does exactly what a doorstop does, very durable and can be moved from one place to another such as in front of your door or at the back of it.

4. Convex Doorstop

Another no drilling required, stable and highly durable doorstop is a convex-shaped stopper that doesn’t let you bend towards your floor to fix your rubber doorstop because you can just kick it towards your door. It completely works on all types of flooring without compromising its quality whatsoever.