Door Sweep – 4 Different Designs to Block Insects, Dust, and Odor into Your House

Not many of us are aware of door sweep. Maybe, because it’s not a requirement for every homeowner in the United States, Asia or Europe. However, despite that lack of knowledge about door sweep, we fail to resolve common issues we usually encounter at home such as cold air coming through the door gap of our main door every winter season.

We also fail to prevent unwanted insects to come into our house through the gap of the door and floor of our house. As a result, we’ll keep doing the routine we get used to doing whenever these insects came into the house.

But what if I told you there’s only a very cheap and long term solution you can do to sort out these problems? It’s not something you need to hire a contractor for our you won’t buy any smart gadget to operate inside your house. 

The magic word is weatherstripping which is a process of sealing a gap between the floor and door to prevent wind or raindrops from entering your house.

And this article will give you different ideas about door sweep types, purpose, and even installation procedure so you can implement on your own.

Straightforward procedure to install a Door Sweep

1. Measure the gap of your door and your floor to know the size you need for your door sweep.
2. Mount your door sweep on both sides of your doors.

Different purpose of door sweep at home

  1. Prevents insects from going inside your house.
  2. Blocks cold air and raindrops to enter your house. 

Different types of door sweep

  1. Brush door sweep
  2. Rubber door sweep
  3. Soundproof door sweep
  4. U Shaped door sweep

1. Brush Door Sweep

This is a multi-purpose door sweep because it doesn’t just prevent insects from coming inside your house but also sweeps away the dust on your door. However, the problem you may encounter with brush door sweep is that dirt can sometimes get stuck inside the brush itself which may require cleaning maintenance.

2. Rubber Door Sweep

This door sweep doesn’t need cleaning maintenance because no dirt will get stuck in it compared to a brush. But over time, the rubber may lose its quality and gets ripped apart in the process.

3. Soundproof Door Sweep

Not all door sweeps are for front door use only. Some can be for room purposes to block sounds from coming in or coming out and the soundproof door sweep is just perfect for that particular need.

4. U Shaped Door Sweep

No maintenance required, tough and not easily breakable. This is how you describe U Shaped door sweep because it’s made of metal and it is guaranteed to last the test of time compared to rubber or brush that will diminish gradually.

No matter what door sweep you use for your door, each type, you need to determine which type will work best for your needs. Although, it won’t cost you a lot at all, finding the best door sweep should be treated seriously.