Best Door Wedge Stopper and Their Brands in 2019

Homeowners have different frustrations at home. There are homeowners who are frustrated with their doorknobs being difficult to use when their hands are wet and there are homeowners who are frustrated whenever their door hits the wall when someone opens it recklessly or whenever you just want your door opened. I know that for a fact because I used to have the same frustration as well.

At the end of the day, you will want to find a way to resolve that frustration and enjoy living in your house peacefully. Right? If your problem is about doorknob, we can discuss that later but if your problem is your door keeps hitting the wall or keeps closing, then this post is definitely for you.

In my previous post, there’s a lot of door stoppers you can choose from. Each type is installed differently but they all have a single purpose, which is to stop your door from hitting your wall, permanently. Moreover, to help you decide which door stoppers will benefit you the most, I’ve put together a list of door wedge stopper to give you more designs and ideas of a better door stopper.

Note: Door wedge stoppers are the kind of door stoppers that don’t require drilling. You just need to mount it on the floor where you wish your door to stop. Also, there’s a dedicated door wedge stopper for any kind of floorings such as carpet, wood, cement, vinyl, and tiles.

1. Wundermax Door Wedge Stopper


This door wedge stopper is made of rubber. While you can bend it with your hands, it’s very durable and can withstand the force of your door from hitting the wall. 

The design of this door wedge stopper works on all types of doors because of the humps so you don’t have to worry about using all available door stoppers in the market.

Also, there’s a free wedge stopper holder that you can use to safe-keep your stopper if it’s not being used and to avoid children from playing with it.

2. Home Premium Door Wedge Stopper

Home Premium

This is another flexible and yet durable door wedge stopper you can use at home. However, the design of this wedge stopper is a little bit higher compared to Wundermax and it doesn’t have a series of humps that hold the door in place. 

3. Homesnest Door Wedge Stopper


Modern and heavy-duty is what this door wedge closer is about with rubber grip on the top and at the bottom to strengthen the durability of the stopper as well as to prevent scratching your flooring.

This is also a little heavyweight than rubber door wedge stoppers which prevents itself from getting dragged or pushed by the door as it opens or closes.

4. RSVLEISI Door Wedge Stopper


A double-sided rubber that works both sides to prevent your door from opening or closing with stainless holder you can use to pull it out easily. 

The design doesn’t look great than the previous door wedge stoppers mentioned above but when it comes to reliably, it matches all other stoppers in the market. 

5. Bertanilhan Door Wedge Stopper


This is a wooden stopper with rubber at the bottom to prevent itself from sliding. At the top is bare wood with vertical lines which is supposed to hold the door in place. 

The problem with this door holder is that you will have to replace it in the future when the door becomes weak compared to the previous wedge stoppers above that last the test of time.

6. Adjustable Door Wedge Stopper

Adjustable Door Wedge

This is a very unique door stopper you can adjust on your own. It has a spring that you must step on to control the friction required to hold the door still.  

Also, the good thing about this is that it works on all door gap sizes as the spring in it can be adjusted depending on the gap you need to keep your door steady.

Difference of door wedge stopper with other door stoppers:

  • Removal door stoppers
  • Serves as anti-theft door
  • No need to drill on your wall or floor

Three different ways of using door wedge stopper

  • Mount it on your floor right before your doorknob hits the wall.
  • Manually place your door wedge stopper to hold your door open.
  • Place your door wedge stopper between your door and door jamb as an alternative way of preventing your door from closing.