Best Dutch Door Design and Ideas for Your Front Door in 2019

Dutch doors are not naturally popular in many corners of the world because this particular front door design was not invented for everyone to use in their house. Not because there’s a restriction on who can install it but because it depends on your location.

For instance, you live in an area where mosquitoes or flies always lurk around, a dutch door is not an ideal front door because your house will always have insects inside. 

A dutch door is a creative door design for the exterior and interior door of a house. It’s a type of door that can be split in the middle to allow the upper part to be open while the bottom part is kept shut. It’s a unique door design that you won’t see in every house nowadays.

While dutch doors can be split into two, do not let its design become a hindrance in your decision when buying this particular door because it’s the same as non-split doors. Also, the idea of the dutch door is to let the breeze and sunlight come in your house while keeping the animals and dust out.

Lastly, a dutch door is a little more expensive than your typical door design because it uses more door hardware such as door hinges, door lock, and a knob. If you want to see different styles of dutch doors, you can see them below:

1. Barn Dutch Door

A barn dutch door is a wood design that imitated your typical barn door. The idea is to bring a barn ambiance into a residential modern house at the same time, display a highly durable door entry.

In terms of security measures, a barn dutch door does not expose the inside of your house while it is locked and displayed as one door. That means, you never have to worry at night if someone is observing your house from the outside.

Also, the best feature of a barn door design is the materials used for making the door from the wood and the hinges overall as well as the signature cross in the panel of a barn door to empower its durability.

2. Mirrored Dutch Door

I’m guessing the design of this dutch door was inspired or based on french doors. French doors have a glass panel and a mirrored layer dutch door design has a panel at the top side of it but it has changed over time.

In some cases, the mirrored dutch design does not have layers in the glass but just plain glass. This type of dutch door can let the sunlight through even if the top part of the door is closed.

However, in terms of security, it’s vulnerability is very visible to burglars which could be taken advantage of if there are no other security features added.

3. Paneled Dutch Door

This design is very similar to a paneled door design and the only difference is that it can be partially opened. It’s quite similar to a mirror dutch door design but since it’s made of wood, there’s no inner view of your house that can be seen when your door is shut.

You can also compare this type of dutch door to a barn dutch design because they are both made of wood and completely blocks the inner view of a house when it’s locked. However, this is more modern but looks simple at the same time.

In terms of security, the barn dutch door design looks more durable and does not easily break in because of its security features in the panel.

List of Dutch Door Hardware

Dutch door parts are just similar to an ordinary door. However, since it’s a unique door on its own, it requires more hardware than your usual door. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of dutch door parts:

  • It uses four door hinges.
  • It uses two locks one for the top and one for the bottom.
  • It uses a doorknob handle.

What is the purpose of a Dutch door?

There are many benefits of using a dutch door and it varies according to your needs which can be included in the list below:

  • To let the sunlight and wind come into your house without letting in the crawlies into your house.
  • To prevent your children from coming out while the top part of the dutch door is open.
  • To connect your house to the outside world while keeping you secured on the inside of your house.

Can you install a dutch door by yourself?

Yes, you can. But there’s a checklist you need to be aware of when installing a dutch door yourself such as:

1. Measure the size of your doorway if it matches the dutch door you are going to use.

2. Make sure that you have enough door hinges and locks for the bottom and top part of your dutch door.

3. Install the bottom first before the top door to ensure the alignment of your door will match.

Should you create a DIY Dutch Door?

If you have no background or experience in woodworking, you should be prepared for whatever outcome you will get when you try to create your own dutch door. Also, don’t try to make a dutch door out of your existing door.

But creating a dutch door should not be as difficult as you might think. There are hundreds of tutorials out there on how to create a dutch door. You just need to choose which one you can follow.