How to Find the Best Keyless Door Lock

Finding the best keyless door lock to your house is a challenging matter. There are hundreds of them available in the market from different manufacturers and brands. These brands make your decision making much more difficult by highlighting their keyless door lock features.

As a consumer yourself who don’t know a lot of information about door locks, making the best decision to find the most suitable keyless door lock for your house is time consuming. You need to be asking questions because you know very little information about the product you are buying and that’s a weak spot right there.

So in this article, I will help you make your decision process easy by providing information about keyless door lock products and in the end of the article, you can let me know if you learned something from my tips. Alright?

How to choose the best keyless door lock:

  • Test the keyless door lock yourself
  • Ask your salesperson about important matters
  • Compare several keyless door lock
  • Ask your friends around
  • Check online reviews
  • Determine your budget
  • Don’t buy online
  • Don’t buy on your first visit

Test the keyless door lock yourself

The best way to make a decision is to experience it first hand. This will give you more information than asking questions or reading manuals yourself. Besides, you could be asking the wrong questions or you might misunderstood what’s written on the manual.

If you have first hand experience in using the keyless door lock yourself, you can learn to discover and discuss the features of keyless products with your salesperson during your decision making process.

In that sense, you can get better understanding if a keyless door lock product is exactly what you need or you are making a mistake you are about to realize thereafter.

Ask your salesperson about important matters

Asking questions about keyless door lock is also important. However, when you ask questions you should only be asking important ones because you might miss the chance of knowing what’s important.

You can ask the following questions for example:

  • Where is the product manufactured
  • Where can you reach out if troubleshooting is required
  • If the product is battery or electric operated
  • If you can restore factory default
  • Best features of keyless door lock
  • What happens if you don’t input the correct combinations after several attempts

Knowing these information is crucial because you might overlook some crucial information in the manual and can cause you unexpected trouble.

Compare several keyless door lock

To help you make your decision better, don’t just look at one keyless door lock product. There’s probably a lot of keyless door lock in every door lock store you will visit from different brands. You are welcome to ask your salesperson or you can look around to see other products yourself.

Each keyless door product has different features from the others because that’s where they stand out in the competition. If you can spot the best feature that fits your needs, that might build up your confidence to choose which one is a good fit.

But since not all of us are educated about keyless door lock, you can probably ask assistance from your salesperson and discuss you how each door lock works, their best feature etc.

Ask your friends around

If you have friends that might have used or still using keyless product door lock, all your questions will be answered and your buying journey will come to an end pretty quickly. However, the important matter is that you’ll get to decide whether which keyless door lock is perfect for you.

By asking your friends their door lock performance, service of security, maintenance or even complications they experienced during the installation can give you enough information if this door lock is good for you.

Check online reviews

Online reviews are great. Real consumers share their experience online about the products they used and keyless door lock is no different. If you don’t have friends who may have used keyless door lock, reading online reviews can’t be bad but it can take a little of your time.

In this matter, I would suggest that you go to review websites and find a door lock you need to see what other people are saying. Good or bad, you need to know it yourself to help you make a good judgement if you can consider buying or not.

Determine your budget

I know it is common sense. But believe it or not, you need to be clear of yourself how much you want to expect in buying a keyless door lock yourself. There are low cost keyless door lock but their features are nothing to compare versus expensive ones.

With that in mind, it will help you decide if you have limited budget at the moment or if you are willing to spend more despite the cost of the door lock you are after. In fact, if your security is more important to you than any other belongings you have in your house, it’s not an obstacle that might affect your decision.

Don’t buy online

I know online shopping has been incredibly magnificent to most online shoppers. In fact, according to statista, about 2.14B people are expected to purchase goods online by 2021. However, as of current condition of online shopping, you might not get the most suitable keyless door lock for yourself.

While online shopping is not a bad option to try, going to a physical store and shop there yourself is still important to actually touch and inspect the keyless door lock yourself without relying too much on the others.

Don’t buy on your first visit

You might be so excited to buy a new keyless door lock for your house. But you should control your excitement and don’t let your emotion get in the way of your decision making process. I’ve had this experience before and I assure you, you’ll be disappointed at some point. Either after you buy door lock or after a while if you come across similar product but with much greater feature and less expensive than yours.

Before you make your decision, it’s important that you’ll have a chance to inspect all your options and explore what else is available out there. Don’t rush yourself to buy because you might miss a lot of chances if you don’t keep your excitement controlled.

That’s it.

I hope these information about finding the best keyless door lock can help you make your buying journey educated and you won’t make a mistake when you get the door lock of your choice.

How much does keyless door lock cost?

The price for keyless door lock vary from design to design but the lowest cost for it is $92.79 according to Amazon and the most expensive is almost $300.

Are keyless door lock user friendly and easy to configure?

Yes, you don’t have to call a customer service hotline to assist you because it comes with a manual that you must carefully and follow instructions thoroughly. That being said, you can do this on your own.