Garage Door Lock

Garage is part of your house whether you pay attention to it or not and I’m putting together a bunch of information that you can use on how to ensure safety of your garage. Besides, you don’t just park your car here, you do?

Let’s talk about the security on your garage door lock. Do you use latch, deadbolt, bar or handle to secure your garage? As long as any of these provide security to your garage, that should be fine. But in some cases, there are people who are likely to ensure the safety of their garage so they make it electronic or automatic garage for better protection.

Types of garage door

Roll up garage door. This is the most common garage door in the united states because it saves space and it doesn’t require a large area.
Horizontal garage door. This garage door is space consuming because you need to slide in and out your door whenever you need to bring in or out your car. What if you have limited space for garage door, horizontal door isn’t for you.
Pull and Push. This garage door consumes extra space outside your garage whenever you open it. It could be inconvenient for you if your neighbor usually walk by your house.

How much does garage door cost?

It depends on the type of door you are installing but the average is $500 to $1000.

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