4 Best Design Glass Door Knob and How to Choose The Best Design?

There are ways you can do to decorate your doors at home. You can use a wallpaper greetings on your front door or you can use a door bar handle to give your door a different look. Either way, your ultimate goal is to change the design of your door to impress your visitors, your family and other people who may happen to look at your front door. 

Alternatively, if you don’t like getting the attention of many people who may happen to look at your door, but you still want to amaze them with your door decoration, you can use little door accessories such as smart lock or glass doorknob. These two are not large enough to lure the attention of passers-by and can only attract the attention of people who will stand by your door.

But of course, choosing a smart lock can be expensive so you should go for cheaper design that will not break your pocket which is the glass doorknob. 

Glass doorknob offers many designs you can use, it looks classy and sophisticated. However, they were first introduced in the market back in the 18th century so it’s a bit of an antique. 

The only problem with a glass knob is there is no security lock mechanism that makes your door vulnerable from vulgars. But still, despite the fact that glass door handles are for indoor use only, it’s still popular for many homeowners out there.

1. Providence Octagon Crystal Door Knob

Octagon Shape

An octagon doorknob is an 8-pointed handle that makes your grip a lot stronger even when your hand is wet. This is perfect for passage doors or door rooms whenever a door lock is optional. 

This glass door handle is made of lead-free crystal knobs and not acrylic or solid brass so you can make sure the crystal look will always reflect on your door handles.

2. Diamond Shape Crystal Door Knob

Diamond Shape

Another stylish glass door handle you can use on your door is a diamond designed shape. The handle is not an 8-pointed compared to octagon but the whole handle itself is full of points which can easily be rotated with your hands.

The best feature of this door handle is that when the light, it will shine and reflect on every point of diamond shaped knob imitating what a real diamond does.

3. Clear Crystal Ball Door Knob

Clear Crystal Ball

Don’t let the shape of this glass door handle fool you. The design may similarly look like the stainless door handle but it’s not slippery even when your hands are wet. It’s a perfect molded crystal ball which is attractive to children like a snowball they see on Holidays.

4. Bubble Glass Door Knob

Bubble Crystal Ball

Another child friendly glass door handle is a bubble glass and also is the same size as ordinary doorknob. The difference is that it’s more decorative than your ordinary handle which can also be used to impress your visitors all the time. 

Benefits of Using Glass Door Knobs

  • It lasts long without getting stains or tarnish
  • It’s easier to rotate the knob while your hands are wet
  • It is easy to maintain its original look.

Choosing the Best Glass Door Knob Design

When choosing a glass doorknob for the doors in your house, there are few considerations you need to keep in mind to ensure that the door will perfectly fit onto your door such as:

  • Measure the dimensions of your knob hole – You need to identify the exact measure where you will place your glass door handle. You can do this by using a tape measure to accurately get the details you need.
  • Decide whether you need a crystal or colored glass handle – It may sound very simple but the transparent or crystal inspired glass door handle does not fit to all doors out there. However, there are different colors available in the market that you can choose from that will match your interior design.