7 Home Security Tips That All Homeowners Should Know

By now, you should probably be aware of the importance of home security in every household not just in the United States but also in all parts of the world.  The crime rate statistics show even in civilized countries like Switzerland and Japan, they still have records of the crime rate. 

While these countries contribute only a small portion of the overall statistics, you can’t deny the fact that there’s still a chance for any crime to be committed, anywhere. Due to that fact, we can’t take any chances of letting our home unprotected, especially at night without having security features to prevent every unauthorized access or even monitor the activities going on while you are asleep.

1. Use Door Viewer / Peephole

A Door viewer or peephole is an effective security feature that a residential door can have. It allows the homeowners to see the outside of the door from the inside of the house without opening the door. 

By being able to see the people by your front door outside, you can easily identify if they pose a threat to you and your family. It also gives you a straightforward action if you will let them in your house.

While a door viewer will not prevent burglars to get in your house, it’s still a useful security feature you can install on your door.

2. Use Door Wedge Stop

If a door viewer doesn’t suit your taste in protecting your house against outsiders, there’s a solution to that. However, you need to slightly open your door to the point where you can identify the people at your entry door.

A door stopper is mainly used to stop the door from hitting the wall. But did you know that there’s a creative approach on how to use it against burglars?

Instead of putting it against the wall, you can place it by the door to prevent your door from being pushed further. That way, you protect yourself from burglars who want to get into your house without your approval.

3. Use a Door Security Bar

This may not be a common home protection idea at home because of its physical appearance. It can also have a negative effect on your interior design but if you’re more concerned about home security, you will disregard all that.

A door security bar is installed on both sides of your door jamb which is used to hang the bag and prevents anyone from coming in. In fact, this is also a good childproofing tip for homeowners’ entry door.

4. Use Security Cameras

This is one of the most common home security features in every household in the US nowadays. Every action outside and inside of your house recorded and monitored at all times.

There are also security cameras that can be accessed from mobile phones with access to the internet so even if you are not at home, you can still watch what’s going on in every corner of your house.

There are also cameras with night vision feature to help you identify anyone who attempts to access your house without your knowledge.

The best feature of a security camera is you don’t have to go outside of your house or out of your room to see what’s happening for yourself, which is safe-wise.

5. Use a Door Jammer

This is similar to a door security bar but how it is operated and installed is not exactly the same. More importantly, you can install, detach, and safely keep your door jammer without compromising your interior design.

It’s basically designed to prevent your door from being pushed on the outside because a door jammer is placed against your door block unauthorized entry even if your door lock is picked.

It’s ideal security for your entry door to protect your family because it won’t take a second to install with high durability and reliability when it comes to preventing unauthorized access.

6. Use a Motion Detection Alarm

Another home security idea you can implement in your house is to detect all human movements in all areas of your property. It’s an early precaution approach to prevent burglars to reach your door before they even begin their operation to enter your house. 

You can set up the alarm detection mechanism to only affect human movements to limit what will trigger your alarm because it will be inconvenient on your part if all movements can trigger the alarm.

Moreover, motion detection alarms are not easy to locate and identify unless your house is being surveillance to identify your house’s security features.

7. Use a Motion Detector Light

While this home security tip will not prevent burglars to enter your house, it is still a recommended device to have for early precautions because it will uncover the visibility of burglars lurking around your house which could prevent them from going further.

It’s not very strong home security but you can easily locate and identify the appearance of these people compared to zero visibility due to the total darkness at night.

Lastly, motion detector light is only helpful at night time and is automatically disabled on daylight due to its charging requirement from sunlight.

8. Use an Electronic Fence

This may not be applicable to all homeowners out there but if you have a spacious property, you might need to install an electric fence to prevent anyone from climbing over your fence. 

It’s one of the common security features that a front gate normally has and it’s been quite effective and successful for many homeowners, not just in the US but also all over the world.

Unfortunately, this might be a little more expensive than the other home security ideas I mentioned above but it’s more safe, secure, and effective home protection in the 20th century.

What to do if there’s a burglary happening in your house?

There are homeowners who are not prepared and unable to control themselves when they witness an on-going burglary attempt in their house. This can sometimes result in a result situation where there are potential harm and threat to the family.

To avoid this from happening to you, you can follow the to-do list below for your own safety.

1. Do not panic – More importantly, do not scream or approach the burglars by yourself. Especially if you are alone and if you have children at home.

2. Report it to the authorities – Authorities take immediate action if they receive a report of forced entry or any kind of crimes being committed.

3. Lock yourself in your room – Think of your safety first and foremost – anything that will be stolen from your house can be replaced anytime but your safety is much more important of all.

4. Don’t make any noise – Keep quiet as possible to avoid getting the attention of burglars. As long as they don’t know you are aware of their presence in your house, they do not pose any threat to you.

5. Be brave and strong – This is the most important of all because you can’t lose yourself in the middle of this event. Don’t let yourself become weak because if you do, you can put yourself and your family in great danger.

Personal Safety Devices That Homeowners Should Have at Home

In a worst-case scenario, wherein you are forced to confront the burglars in your house, you need to have something to protect and keep yourself safe. It is not recommended to use a deadly weapon because it can be used against you or your family.

Instead, you can use a few handy-dandy personal security devices or tools to help you fight back and protect your family such as:

1. Taser Gun – It’s the most effective and safe protection homeowners can have. They don’t need to approach the burglars upclose but they just need to be in a range of the taser gun when they fire to hit the target.

2. Pepper Spray – This one the other hand, needs to be upclose with burglars because you need to spray it to their eyes to see its effect.

3. Self-defense Keychain – It might be a little harmful but it’s something you can use against burglars to protect yourself when you confront them.