How to Change Smart Door Lock code?

Smart door locks have many features. A few examples are; can be navigated from smartphone devices or can provide temporary and permanent access codes to users. Another useful feature of smart door locks is their ability to change their old password with a new one anytime.

This is useful if you have trusted people you gave permanent access code to your house but suddenly you decided not to let them come in for a while or permanently.

But how can you change your smart door lock access code?

The process is a little confusing and in your very first attempt, you might have a trouble completing the whole procedure but I guarantee you, this article will help you avoid trouble and the procedure of changing your smart door lock password wouldn’t be a problem.

Note: Each smart door lock has different ways of changing password. You need to figure out the model of your door lock and its manufacturer so you can inquire to them or just review your user’s manual copy.

Step 1: Enter programming mode

In order to begin with changing your smart lock access code, you need to know the access to programming code of your door lock. If you don’t, you can’t change it on your own and will need to call your door lock manufacturers.

Normally, the programming access code is labeled behind your door lock together with default user access codes. Once you have the programming code combination, key into your smart lock to enable administrative login.

Important note:

When you enter your programming access code, your keyless door lock will beep a few times which indicates that you are in programming mode.

Step 2. Provide your desired door lock access code

Once you are in programming mode, you will be required to provide your access code combination. If you don’t know how many digits you need to complete this process, just copy how many digit your default code has. It is important to you use a hard to guess access code combination to avoid any unauthorized access.

Important note:

You need to key in your new access code combination twice. When successful, you should hear a long beep confirming the new access code has been recorded. However, if you hear a long beep with red light on your keypad, this means that adding a new access code is not successful and you’ll have to redo everything from the very beginning.

That’s it.