How to Pick a Door Lock and What Tools You Need

Being locked out of your own house without your key with you is not just frustrating but also alarming. Imagine if you get home late or you are in a hurry but you don’t have keys with you, you’ll probably have to stay out for a while until you figure out how to pick a door lock.

Sucks right?

While it is not advisable to pick a door lock because it is illegal and other people might have an idea on how to break into your house, you might still have to do it if you become careless of not taking care of your own key.

After all, it’s your fault to begin with.

But luckily, this article will come in helpful when the time you need assistance to unlocking your own door. You don’t have to call a locksmith because it will only take you a couple of minutes or less if you get used to it.

Note: This is practiced only in door knobs and not probably not gonna work with wifi or electronic door locks.

Tools do you need to pick a lock:

Tension wrench – This will serve as your temporary door lever when you are picking your door lock. It is useful to help you rotate the lock while you are trying to open your door because a pick itself can’t rotate the lock.

Hair pin – This will serve as your temporary key as you open your door. Compare to a door lock key, you might need several attempts to successfully unlock your door because pins are not designed to do it.

Door lock pick set – It is a set of lock picks you can use to open your door lock without improvising your own.

How to pick a lock:

Step 1: Place the tension wrench onto your door lock keyhole to enable you rotate the lock.

Step 2: Place into the keyhole your lock pick and feel the pin of your lock.

Step 3: Slowly push and pull your lock pick to move the pins as if they were being lifted up by its key.

Step 4: As you lift up the pins of your door lock, apply pressure to your tension wrench to move it slowly until have all pins lifted up.

Step 5: When everything goes your favor, you will have successfully completed door lock picking.

That’s it. I hope you will not use it to break into a house and commit a crime. Not only you will be punished by the law but also you will be labelled criminal for the rest of your life so think before you do it.