4 Tools You Can Use to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock

Door keys are made strong and do not get easily broken but sometimes bad luck happen and a door key get stuck in your door keyhole. While it doesn’t always happen very often, there are instances that it might happen to you or some other people. Expectedly, the first thing will come to our mind when a key got stuck in your door lock is either to call someone for assistance or buy a new one to replace your old one.

But instead of buying or asking for help, would you have a second thought if you can resolve the issue yourself without spending a penny for it? There are some useful tools and straightforward method you can do yourself and aren’t difficult to implement without any professional experience.

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In this article, I will share some tested tips you can try to remove a broken key from a door. If you still can’t pull out the broken key, you can decide if you will buy or ask for help but at least give it a try.

Use Scissors

Did you know the edge of your scissors can be used to grab the key from your door lock and pull it out slowly? That’s right, but you must use a scissor that will fit into your door lock keyhole because that’s where the trick begins.

How does it work:

Step 1: Use the two edge of the scissors and grab the key to remove it from the door lock.

Step 2: Slowly pull the key out of the door until you completely take it out

Use broken key extractor

A broken key extractor is exactly the tool you need for door lock troubleshooting. It was designed to remove any key from the door effortlessly. This tool has different spikes which will serve as hook to drag your key out from the door lock.

How does it work:

Step 1: Slide in the key extractor into your door lock.

Step 2: Locate the key and ensure to hook it together.

Step 3: Pull it out from your door lock

Jigsaw blade

Another useful tool you can use to remove a key from a door lock is jigsaw blades. Jigsaw blades are similar to broken key extractors but it is a much longer compare to it and it is much convenient to operate because of its handle.

How does it work:

Step 1: Slide in the jigsaw blade and ensure the key and your jigsaw blade are aligned.

Step 2: Rotate your jigsaw blade to connect it to your key as if they are together.

Step 3: Slowly pull it out of your door.

Use A Magnet

You probably won’t think to use a magnet when a key got stuck in your keyhole. But it is one useful trick to help you remove your key from the door. In fact, it’s the fastest method and my most favourite because you just need to magnetize the key and and pull it out like that.

How does it work:

Step 1: Get a high traction magnet

Step 2: Place it to your keyhole and ensure your lock and the magnet make a contact.

Step 3: Slowly pull out the magnet from the door lock.

I hope all these tools and tips will help you solve a problem of removing a key from your door lock on your own. It’s a rare situation to experience but it’s often ignored by many of us. So if you ever get into this problem, you will already know what to do and you won’t get panic whatsoever.