How Wifi Door Locks Work and Why You Should Use One

Wifi door lock is the new evolution of door locks. A sophisticated door lock you can navigate from your smartphone and tablet which gives you an advantage to lock or unlock your door even while you’re driving or in the office, as long as you have access to your wifi door lock online.

It is very handy for people who always forget or misplace to bring their door key from time to time. I know how frustrating it might be because it already happened to me a few times. Its either you will need to break into your own house, pick your door lock or even break your own door when this happens, right?

But gone are those days of standard door lock.

Now, not everyone understands how wifi door lock works and how they operate it especially the not tech savvy individuals and I don’t want them to face another frustration so I provided a handful information of how wifi door lock works.

Wifi door locks are battery operated

To ensure you won’t struggle from installing your wifi door lock onto your door, a battery is needed to power it up. Wifi door locks don’t consume much battery power so don’t expect to replace your batteries from time to time.

If you know how batteries last on your remote control or digital safety vault, then you can get the picture of how long you can use batteries on your door lock.

Wifi door locks give you multiple access code

Wifi door locks aren’t limited to one access code only but can provide two or more. Some can even provide temporary or permanent access codes for you, your friends or your family.

These access codes are logged every time they are used so you will always have a record of who comes to your house.

Wifi door locks are accessible anywhere, anytime

If you sometime leave your home with your doors unlocked, you don’t have to come back anymore or call someone over the phone to have your door locked because you now can do it with your smartphone.

As long as you have internet access and your wifi door lock is online, you can lock your door in just a few touch on your screen.

Wifi door locks have voice access control

Not all wifi door lock design has voice control but if in case you pick the one with voice access, don’t waste your time navigating from your smartphone while you are in your house. Just speak to lock it will do you a favor.

The problem with voice controlled devices is our technology hasn’t reached the full capacity of voice control navigation. One obvious example is that you have to be very near the device to recoho your voice but still a good feature for wifi door lock.

Built in alarm technology

There are few wifi door lock comes with alarm security. This triggers when you have unwanted visitors trying to get into your house without your knowledge. Unlike the standard door lock, no one gets informed if a break in is happening in your house so it’s an added security features for your door lock.

That’s it. I hope these few walkthrough about wifi door lock gives you a fair understanding of how this lock works. It’s a little techy but it will only take a few mins or max an hour to familiarise yourself with this.

Just keep in mind. Although you don’t need to keep your keys in your pocket, in your mind or whenever you need to leave your house unattended. This door lock is a little costly than standard door locks, you can guarantee that you’ll always be taken care of.