8 Checklist to Review Before Buying Your Keyless Door Lock

Keyless door lock is the new evolution of door locks. A high technology door lock with strong break in resistance from being opened improperly. If you are looking to buy a new door lock to put more protection for your house and family, this might be a good option to explore. This door lock doesn’t require you to always use your key in order to get into your house because of its technology feature which only requires you to key in your code combination.

Keyless door locks aren’t very popular and only few people who use it in their house for extra and secure protection. So it’s quite obvious if you don’t know much about keyless door locks and you might have a list of questions in mind before you consider buying one for yourself. After all, keyless door locks aren’t cheap compared to standard door lock we know of.

In this article, you’ll get to know more about keyless door locks, how do they work, if they are secure,  what are their features and other important stuff you can put into consideration before deciding whether which keyless door lock is appropriate for you.

Check Access Limit Capability

This is very important to know this information. Keyless door locks grant you a code combination that you can use to access your house and the door lock you should purchase can provide you more than one access code. While you don’t need a lot of access code to unlock your door, it’s better that you have a backup code access just in case you forget your combination some time. It’s like having a spare key but digital.

Another feature that access codes can give you is that all your family members can have their own. It’s not a requirement but it’s kinda cool to think about that you have your own access code to your house and your kids will surely feel happy about it.

Check Access Attempt Limit

Just like in your smartphone, if you access your phone several times with incorrect login combination, chances that you will be locked out for almost a minute is relatively high and keyless door lock are no different. Usually, it takes 30 to 45 secs of waiting time before you can get another attempt of opening your door from being locked out. For some, it takes forever but there are some willing to wait.

If this matters to you, you should know which one has acceptable waiting time to avoid any inconvenience on your end. You don’t want to end up blaming yourself out of frustration when this happens to you especially in crucial moments, right?

Check if water resistant

All devices are electronically powered. It doesn’t matter whether it is battery powered or wired, as long as there is electricity runs in them, water could be a problem to keyless door locks. It’s important to know this information because you are buying an expensive door lock and you don’t want water to ruin all your plans with your new door lock, right?

Also, you don’t want the kids to accidentally put water on your keyless door lock while they play around your house unsupervised. Kids are imaginative people and they can do almost everything out of their imagination as far as playing is involved.

Check the coating of keypad

Not all keyless door lock have the same keypad quality. Some are coated and some are not. You need to inspect the quality of your keypad if it will stand the test of time. Usually, if the keypad is not coated or made of plastic, the numbers on the pad can wear off and might give you trouble from entering your key combination conveniently that can result to multiple failure access attempt.

Make sure the color matches your door

If you are concerned and picky about the style of your door, you need to ask all colors available for keyless door locks. The common colors available and quite popular is silver, black and light gold. If none of these meet your standard, you need to decide if you still want to pursue installing a keyless door lock to your house.

Alternatively, you can change the colour of your door to match the keyless door lock colour available. For others, this might not matter but there are people who really take house styling very seriously.

Check the overall appearance

Another consideration you must not forget is the appearance of your keyless door lock. Sometimes, the design of door lock itself don’t fit in to all doors and as a result, you could be buying inappropriate door lock for your door. This is important to know because you don’t want to waste your effort and money in buying a wrong door lock that can’t give you the best security out of it.

Check the power source

Keyless door lock power source is primarily important. Whether you use battery or wired door lock both will last the test of time. What matters is the installation of your keyless door lock product to your doors at home. You should understand that installation of battery powered and wired are both entirely different and if you don’t know much about electronics, it might give you a hard time.

Ask for product warranty

Product warranty for keyless door lock is definitely important. You don’t know what might happen in short period of time so you need to be sure you can get a product replacement as much as possible. The warranty for keyless door locks are for mechanical, electrical and finish warranty.

For product warranty, they have specific warranty period for parts, electrical or mechanical of the product so you should be aware of their warranty period to know if you can still make any demand whatsoever.

That’s it. There’s probably a lot more to check as far as buying keyless door lock product is concerned. The checklist I provided above are focused on external appearance of the door lock itself. If you have other tips you can share to the world, you can let us know in the comments below.