7 Best Things You Should About Magnetic Door Screen

The idea behind a door screen is to prevent insects from coming into our house. At the same time, it lets the wind and the sunlight come into your house. 

Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to residential areas full of bugs, mosquitoes, and even flies because can be pretty annoying and dangerous especially if you have children at home.

Those are only obvious facts about the magnetic door screen and you are about to find out more because the purpose of this article is to highlight what’s best about door screens. 

But before we go into the details, you need to know the types of door screen available in the market so you can have an idea of what’s the best door screen for you:

  • Magnetic door screen
  • Retractable door screen
  • Sliding door screen
  • Garage door screen

1. Magnetic Door Screen Doesn’t Make Banging Sounds

I’m sure that a lot of homeowners have had enough of hearing slamming sounds whenever a hinged door screen closes because of its automatic closer. 

Although it can be an indication that someone is coming in or out of your house, having a quiet environment is much better than hearing sudden door slams from time to time. 

2. It is not a Permanent Door Screen

Yes, you don’t have to worry when you want to get rid of a magnetic door screen because it’s detachable and you can remove it anytime you like. 

You can also easily put it back whenever you need a door screen for your entry door. The good thing about this is you never have to drill any hole in your door frame.

3. It’s a Dual purpose Door Fly Screen and Curtain

Did you like the idea of saving for curtains and cleaning maintenance? I did. This fly door screen can also act as a curtain because it blocks the view of the inside of your house from the outside.

Unlike door curtains, this door screen is not easily blown away by wind because it’s securely taped on the frame of your door and there are enough tiny little holes the wind can pass through.

4. An alternative for Dog Door

Although not totally. You can let your door open and prevent insects from coming in but you can’t leave your door unattended because someone else might come in.

The magnetic door screen is a pet-friendly because your pets can walk through the door screen without any problem at all.

While the dog door is always closed and only your dog can come in whenever they please. Despite that, it’s still a fact about this particular door screen design.

5. Not Harmful for Children

Another fact that all homeowners should know is this is a child-friendly door screen. Your children will not get hurt by a magnetic door screen compared to a door hinge when it slams itself onto the door.

6. Easy to Install without Hiring Installers

Don’t bother yourself with hiring a worker to do the drilling for you. The installation of a magnetic door screen is done by taping your screen frame on the frame of your door.

You just need to make sure that the surface of your door frame is clean and dust-free to ensure a stiff attachment of your door screen. Lastly, you need to make sure that your magnetic door screen will perfectly fit in the size of your door, no gaps.

7. Hands-Free Walking

How about that? If your hands are full and you need to get inside your house, you don’t need to ask someone to open the door or put down what you are carrying. You can just walk through your door and it will seal itself off.

This works best if you have a door stopper in your house that stops your door from closing. While it’s optional, it’s one way to ensure your door will come in handy.

How Much is a Magnetic Door Screen

The cost for a door screen varies from one manufacturer to another. The average price is $15 to $30 

How to Install a Magnetic Door Screen

Here’s a simple step by step you can follow to install a door screen:

  1. Open carefully the packaging of your door screen.
  2. Measure the exact size of tape you need to attach your door screen onto your door frame.
  3. Lay down your door screen on the ground to tape its all sides. Use double-sided tape.
  4. Once you are done, you can connect your magnetic door screen onto your door frame and remove the cover of your tape and stick it on the frame.