6 Magnetic Door Stopper Designs You Can Use For Your Doors at Home

Magnetic Door stoppers are an essential part of the house. It protects your wall from getting damaged because it prevents your door from always hitting your wall whenever someone shuts your door by force. Also, it holds your door open whenever you need to keep it open without asking assistance from someone else or without even placing a cover in front of your door to prevent it from closing. 

It’s a dual purpose for a small piece of door accessory you can use at home. It’s also durable and tough so you might not need to look for a replacement in a short period of time after you install the metal door stopper. Moreover, this door stopper comes with different styles and designs you can choose from to see what type of metal door stopper will fit your interest. 

Is it Adhesive? Hidden Magnetic? Spring? See them all below and find out.

1. Hidden Magnetic Door Stopper (Fantom)


It’s a type of magnetic door stopper that is not exposed to your naked it. Meaning, you wouldn’t even know if there’s a stopper installed to prevent your door from closing unless you look beneath your door yourself. The design of this stopper might deceive you from believing it can do the job because of its size but since it is mounted on your floor and door, size won’t matter. 

2. Adhesive Magnetic Door Stopper


If drilling on your floor or your door is something you are against to do, you can still use a magnetic door stopper because there are designs that allow you to use adhesive tape to mount the stopper on your flooring or your door. Although it’s not highly durable compared to a drilled door stopper, it can hold and stop your door from closing the same way as the mounted adhesive door stopper.

3. Soft Catch Magnetic Door Stopper

Soft Catch

This door stopper is not hidden nor adhesive mounted but drilled. You can mount it on your flooring or on your wall, whichever you desire but when you are done with the installation, you can no longer remove it otherwise, you will leave a permanent hold on your door, flooring or wall.

This magnetic door stopper is not designed to work on carpet but only on tile or vinyl.

4. Spring Door Stopper

It’s a door stopper but it doesn’t hold your door. Instead, it just prevents your door from hitting your wall whenever you open it recklessly. This door stopper only works on-wall-mounted installation so do not attempt to install it on your flooring.

5. Mini Soft-Catch Magnetic Door Stopper

Mini Soft-Catch

This door stopper is a smaller version of a soft catch magnetic door stopper. However, it doesn’t have the mini pole that you mount on the wall or flooring. It only has suction and stopper. 

In terms of durability, they both provide the same quality but the larger magnetic door stopper with a pole is more likely reliable.

6. Pop Up Flap or Flush Magnetic Door Stopper

Flush Magnetic Door Stopper

The design of the pop-up flap is the most unique among other magnetic door stops. It is almost similar to a hidden doorstop but the surface of it is still clearly visible, but just small.

This magnetic door stopper works only when your door meets the pop-up flap before it hits your wall. If the stopper and suction don’t meet, your installation will be pointless.

Magnetic door stoppers may seem simple but yet they are very effective, durable and actually helps you keep your door at home from getting damaged. Although each type of magnetic door stoppers, you need to find the one that you actually like and can meet your expectations.