DoorlockIt Scholarship Program

I am happy to announce that is offering a scholarship worth of $500 to students having financial difficulty to support their studies. I also understand the needs of every students that require financial support every single day from their family and not all students are lucky to have enough support for their financial needs.

Therefore, I have decided to open an opportunity for all university students to write a piece of content about door lock. The topics all participants can cover are anything that are closely related to door lock such as:

What is is a blog about door lock. It started in Feb, 2019 with intention to provide security information and useful resources about door lock installation, buying guide, reviews for homeowners.

Who is behind Doorlockit?

My name is Osep Cruz and I live in the Philippines. I created this blog to help homeowners choose a quality door lock for their house to protect their family from a burglar attempt.

I decided to run this scholarship program because I was once a student and I knew what a standard student life was as they reach their goals in life.

Now going back to the scholarship program

All participants can submit their application to osepcruz[@]gmail[.]com alongside their supporting documents that prove their eligibility to participate such as picture of school ID school year of 2019-2020.


  • Personal Information (Name, Course Enrolled to)
  • University Information (Name, Contact Number to call to verify that you are enrolled to them, Contact person to speak with)
  • Student ID (2019-2020) school year

How I will determine the winner?

The winner will be chosen according to the performance of article/s a participant has submitted by the end of the year, December 31, 2019. The performance will be based on how many visitors an article has received throughout the year and the highest organic visitors an article received will be the winner.

Only submitted articles with over 1,000 unique visitors throughout the year are qualified for the selection.

All participants will have access to data analytics to view the traffic their articles have received.

The winner will be posted on website sidebar and will stay there until end of January 2020.

You can send more than one article entry to increase your chances of winning.

How to apply:

  • Send me an email at osepcruz @ gmail .com (use only your university email).
  • Use DoorlockIt Scholarship 2019 Application as your subject line.
  • You will receive a reply from me within 24 hours with the topic/s you can write about, provided you emailed me from your university email.
  • Minimum article word count is 1,000
  • Entry submission will start on April 1, 2019.

Disclaimer: All articles written by the applicants are owned by them but exclusively for and must not be republished on the web. All applicants will have their own author biography to ensure they remain the author of articles they submitted.

How to claim your scholarship?

You have a few options to claim your scholarship and you must let me know which option is convenient for you.

  • Paypal transfer
  • Wire transfer to your personal/school account
  • Others (winner can provide me instruction how to process the scholarship amount)

Important note:

There will be a verification with the university of participants they are currently enrolled to by the end of the year to avoid false applications.

Good luck!