How to a Choose Stylish Shower Door Handles

Door handles in shower rooms are important. For the majority knowledge, we mainly use it to open or close the door whenever we go in or out of the shower room. But for the others, it’s a lot more than that. Especially to people who prioritize classy and sophisticated house appearance from every corner of it.

If you are one of the few others, you might enjoy reading this article but if you belong to majority knowledge but interested to learn about shower door handles, the tips I will be sharing below could be a good starting point for you.

So, why choose a shower door handle?

Shower door handles don’t just exist for the sake of being used to open or close the door. It also exists by adding sophisticated look to your shower room and for positive feedback of your house guests.

While, there aren’t much people who thoroughly think about choosing a shower door handle, there are still people willing to spend much money to satisfy their wants and in this article, we are going to share how do we choose the best shower door handles

Choose your style

The most important factor in selecting a door handle for your shower room is always look for your style. Don’t choose something you just heard common or recommended by friends or family because at the end of the day, you will be the last one standing using the handle and not them.

While it makes your decision a lot easier if you hear some ideas or tips from people around you, it’s still your last word that matters and I’d say choose your style when you are looking for shower door handle.

Look for convenient to grab

Another important thing to consider when choosing a handle for your shower room is the convenience you will experience when opening or closing your shower door. There are several door handle designs for a shower room and you can check all these designs to identify which one best suit your needs.

There are shower rooms that don’t have door handles but it’s still a good idea to use a handle and avoid always pushing your shower glass door back and forth whenever you need to take a shower.

Go for multipurpose

It is optional but still useful for the others because not all shower rooms have their own tower hanger for personal reasons. This will give you an idea of choosing a multipurpose door handle wherein you won’t just use it for opening and closing your shower door but also use it as towel hanger.

If you don’t prefer multipurpose door handle, that’s absolutely fine. There are other ways to safekeep your towel while you are taking a bath such as placing a chair by your shower door and put your tower there then just grab it whenever you need it.

Inspect the material

You can choose either aluminium or stainless material was used to create your shower door handle. However, stainless is more classy, sophisticated and commonly used for this kind of artwork than aluminium.

Also, you need to consider which of these materials can stand the test of time in terms of appearance and texture so maybe you get the idea which one is the perfect match.

Side note:

If you are remodeling your house and adding a shower room is in your plans, don’t worry about the installation because your contractor will probably put up a team of his own to get the job done.

Another side note you must consider is the thickness of the glass you will use. Always go for thick size then thin size because it might be fragile and therefore, dangerous.

How much does shower door handle cost?

Usually, shower door handles don’t breakdown easily. If you need to buy a door handle for your shower separately, you might need to ask local contractors in your area if its possible to replace your old shower door handle or you need to replace everything.

How to make sure your shower door handle is durable?

The key to make sure the door handle in your shower room is durable is to choose a thick glass door. An ideal size in a glass door shower is 48″ x 36″. If you go for a thinner size 32″ x 32″, you might have a problem with it in the near future.