What to Check When Buying Sliding Door Lock

Finding a quality sliding door lock can be tricky sometimes. There are several considerations you need to review before making a decision whether which one is good for your needs. Although the differences of sliding door locks aren’t clearly visible to the naked eye, they do still have different features and capability in terms of securing your house from prohibited access.

Whether you are a new or old buyer of sliding door locks, you will always find new information that will guide you in your haunt for the best sliding door for your house. Besides, there are always new ideas that come to the table and can change in the competition of sliding door lock for the better.

In this article, I’ll do what I can to education and feed you information about selecting a good sliding door lock among all other choices available. While all sliding door locks are good quality and useful on their own way, each one has different purpose and use.

Check the lock design

Sliding door locks have different lock design. Some are hooked, ratchet or loop lock. Each lock design has different purpose in terms of security and resistance from being open without using the proper key. If you don’t know the difference of lock design, you can ask a salesperson about this particular information but here are few types of design lock for sliding door:

  • Hook Lock Design
  • Ratchet Lock Design
  • Loop Lock Design
  • Double bolt lock design
  • Keyed Push In Lock Design
  • Door Flush Lock Design

In my opinion, hook and double bolt lock are more secure than ratchet and loop lock if you’ll base your judgement on the thickness of steel used for hook and double bolt. While Ratchet and loop only used slender steel which probably are fragile.

Check the handle design

Not all sliding door locks have handle. For better or for worse, you can decide whether to use the one with handle or the one without. But in my experience, I prefer the sliding door lock with handle because it’s easier to slide the door open if there is something your hands can grab on.

When it comes to sliding door design, there are only two different handle you can choose from. Surface mounted handle and inner pull handle. The surface mounted handle is way more convenient when it comes to sliding the door open while the inner pull handle might require you to use a little bit of force because its handle will require a little power from your end.

I know it’s difficult to believe that sliding door handle makes a huge difference for the one with and without. So if you need to use a door lock like this, it’s important that you have this information in mind before purchasing.

Check the overall design

Obviously, you don’t just check the lock or handle when you are on the haunt for a good quality sliding door lock. You also need to check the overall appearance of the door lock if it’s excessively designed or it matches your door current needs.

Actually, when you check the design, you don’t look at its appearance and conclude your decision from there alone. You should visualize if it will fit your door when you install it otherwise, you might get a wrong sliding door lock for your door. Keep in mind that not all door lock can be installed to any door. There are some doors designed especially for unique door lock like sliding lock.

Check the keyhole

This is where burglars break in attempt begins. They hack in the keyhole of your door lock and enter your premises once successful. So you need to inspect the keyhole of sliding door locks before you decide to buy one. I understand that you know nothing about door lock keyhole  but you can ask the salesperson assistance for information.

Some keyhole are easy to open without using the appropriate key of the door lock. You need to avoid the kinds of sliding door lock that are easy to open from the outside and avoid the risk of getting unwanted visitors.


Sliding door locks are almost identical to one another. You need to think outside the box if you want to see their differences and identity which one is the best for you. I hope the tips I shared with you can be helpful even a little. It’s always important to know one thing about something rather than nothing so I won’t feel bad if not everything is new to you.