Step by Step Sliding Door Lock Installation

While some prefer technology-based locks to feel safe at their homes. Most people still find relief in purchasing and installing the traditional locks such as locks for sliding doors. People still go for these traditional locks simply for the fact that they are cost-effective, easy to install and the most convenient way to keep your home safe from burglary. Aside from that, these locks are also made of good pressure that prevents intruders from breaking into your house, adjustable and can be easily removed and replaced.

Here are the easy step by step guide in installing lock for your sliding door:

Step 1 – Cleaning of Sliding Glass Door Track

Clean out the dirt and dust in the track of your sliding glass door using a broom. Take in mind that you should clean both front and back of the track by opening the doors and sweeping all areas along the track. If you found that the track is really dirty, it is advisable that you remove it and thoroughly clean it. Leave it dry before putting it back and installation of lock.

Step 2 – Marking the Mounting Hole

Once the door has dried up, you can now align the lock at the bottom of the sliding door. Tip: You may use the technique of tapping the base of outer door and hear where the glass ends at the base. After which, mark the spot then place the lock against the inner door and align the bolt in the lock where your mark was located. When satisfied, draw a circle in the top screw hole of the lock.

Step 3 – Drilling of the Mounting Hole

Place the steel punch in the center of the hole you’ve marked. Tap the punch using a hammer. A small indentation should be made. Then use the drill to drill the hole you’ve marked, but you should not drill deeply for this will cause the glass behind the frame to break.

Step 4 – Marking of the Second Hole

Now you may attach the lock to the inner door frame and screw it using one screw in the hole you have previously drilled. Make sure that you are carefully tightening the screw and the lock is aligned appropriately. When you’re done, make another mark for another screw hole.

Step 5 – Drilling of the Second Hole

Following the same procedure of drilling the first hole, always bear in mind that a) do not punch and drill heavily for this will break the glass and b) maintain a steady pressure to avoid for the glass behind the frame to break.

Step 6 – Marking the Hole for Lock Bolt

In marking the hole for the lock bolt, attach the lock through making a screw in the two holes you’ve previously drilled. Then push the lock bolt and draw around the bold to create a marking that you will drill later on. Remove the lock again by unscrewing it.

Step 7 – Drilling Hole for the Lock Bolt

For the drilling hole of the lock bolt to happen, you must first tap an indentation in the mark you’ve previously made with a punch and hammer. After that start an 1/8-inch drill bit to make a hole and a ½ inch drill bit to make this hole wider. Again, do not forget to carefully make a hole especially when using the ½ inch to avoid any unnecessary markings that can cause malfunctioning of the door lock.

Step 8 – Installing of the Lock and Testing

You can now successfully attach the lock using two screws. Push the bolt to guarantee that the bolt slides into the bolt hole. Unlock the lock and repeat this several times to guarantee that the lock works correctly and safely. In circumstances where the lock won’t work, you may go through the instructional guide that the lock has come with or seek professional help.