Sliding Door Lock

Sliding door lock is quite common to everyone. In fact, almost every house in the United States has sliding door with lock attached to it. However, do you know what is the best sliding door lock to secure you from break-in attempt?

While there are few hacks that you must know about sliding door lock, reading the few articles might give you insights about this type of door lock.

What to Check When Buying Sliding Door Lock
Best Features of Sliding Door Locks
Step by Step Sliding Door Lock Installation

Is aluminum or stainless good for sliding door lack bar?

Stainless is better than aluminum because stainless is durable and it doesn’t get stain or tarnish. If these tips matter to you, you already know the answer to your question.

What are different sliding door lock design?

There are different sliding door lock design but the most tested and popular is pocket lock. There also lever design handle for sliding door lock in the market, cylinder door lock or patio.

Is it recommended to repair your sliding door lock on your own?

It depends. If the problem is minor, you can give it a try but you must have the right repair kit with you for this. But if the problem is broken or dislocated bars, you must call someone for help for replacement.