Step by Step Guide on How to Install Electronic Door Lock

In installing an electronic lock, you must familiarize yourself with the lock parts such as:

  • The keypad is located on the outside of the lock where you can add codes for programming and unlocking.
  • Thumbturns can be rotated to unlock or extend the bolt.
  • The lever is use to retract the latch and the lights symbolizes of the lock is unlock or not.
  • Red means it locked and
  • Green means unlocked.

Step 1 – Replacing the old lock

Definitely, the first thing you’ll have to do is unscrew the bolts that holds the lock cylinder. Then you will also have to unscrew the screws which will have the deadbolt face unlocked. After which, you will have to remove the old deadbolt and cylinder.

Step 2 – Installation of new deadbolt

The first thing you’ll have to do is insert the deadbolt latch set into the door edge. Make sure the face plate sits flush with the door and do not force the latch into the mortise flush. Remember that should not over tighten it.

Step 3 – Installing of Exterior Assembly

Insert the Exterior Assembly to the door with the tailpiece going through the deadbolt latch set. After which, put your control wire through the rectangular slot in the mounting plate. Place the mounting plate against the door with the tailpiece passing through the center hole. Remember to do not overtighten screws once you’ve connected it.

Step 4 – Installing the Interior Assembly

Installing of interior include moving the switch to L for left handed door or R for a right-handed door. After which, attach the control wire male plug to the interior assembly female socket connector. Then position the interior assembly over the tailpiece and push the interior assembly against the door. Lastly, replace the batteries before testing the lock.

Step 5 – Adjustments (Only if applicable)

After installation, you can now test if your lock works properly. You should check if the deadbolt extends and retracts whenever your door is open or close. If it doesn’t and other concerns may arise upon testing, you may check again with how you’ve initially installed it and see if you have tightened the screws properly.

Quick Reminder – Utilization of Lock Suicide Circuit

It’s ideal to put a lock suicide circuit for your keyless lock. The purpose of this is that for circumstances that someone will unscrew the outside of the keypad and jumper the solenoid which will trigger to open the door, it will prevent in opening the door for it will deactivated or detached the whole system. The only way this can be fix is through inside the room which will remain locked.

You may also use a vacation mode especially on circumstances when you won’t be home for a long time. Even if the code to be used is valid it will not unlock since it’s programmed for vacation.

While some are still reluctant of utilizing a keyless door lock for their homes, this new idea of using passcode as your door lock has been utilized almost in every parts of the world. Not only because of its convenience, but also it provides safety through its security protocols it provides for circumstances wherein someone will want to break in your house and/or room. There will be totally more inventions and upgrades in terms of door locks ang more security measures to guarantee that while technology provides as with an easy way of living life, it won’t jeopardize our loved ones safety.